Nazareth Area School District Budget Fiasco

May 21, 2018 – School Board Meeting

New School Board Member

Kathryn Roberts was inducted onto the Board after being sworn in prior to tonight’s meeting. She’s an attorney and Lower Nazareth resident. She was chosen for the position by a panel of judges after the school board failed to choose between two candidates. She did not vote on any of items during the meeting.

2018-2019 Budget

Most school districts manage to keep the drama in the Drama Department…

The Board failed to pass the General budget, although they did pass a few other sections. Concerns were raised about the increase to cover charter school tuition ($100,000 increase from 2.35 to 2.40%) and the implementation of curriculum programs which don’t have data to prove that they work.

Dr. Stubits objected to spending money on iPads for elementary students, the Alexios system and the updates to the technology room.

The General Fund Budget was voted down 4 to 3: PA state law requires 5 votes for a school budget to pass

  • Mammana – No
  • Vasko – Absent
  • McGlynn – Yes
  • Stubits – No
  • Kalinoski – Yes
  • Butz – Yes
  • Treon – Yes
  • Glaros – No
  • New member, Roberts, abstained 

There is no budget in place now. They district will have to advertise and another vote will be taken on June 26th. Even if it passes in June, the mailing of tax bills will be delayed.  If the budget doesn’t pass, school personnel, loans and insurance policies will not be paid and the district will have to shut down.

Teacher Awards

Bob Kern, former principal of the Middle School, came in to pick up the “I Touch the Future” award he would have gotten last week if he hadn’t written down the wrong date.

Agenda Items

Board Agendas and Minutes can be found here although, as of May 22nd, none of the minutes since February have been posted:


Many thanks to Jeanie Morgano for covering this meeting. Citizens have a right to know what their government is doing.






2 thoughts on “Nazareth Area School District Budget Fiasco

  1. I covered the meeting and did not get the full name of the board member. I am terrible at remembering names, which is why Becky covers these meetings and I don’t. I filled in as a favor, thinking it would be a regular meeting that lasts 1/2 hour or less. My bad, I am sorry
    Perhaps you can fill in for Becky next time?


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