Possible Petition for Library Funding May be Circulated

January 15, 2020 – UNT Supervisor’s Meeting


Residents who wish to submit an article for the Spring Newsletter should contact the township office

January 21st – Recreation Board Meeting at 7:30 PM

February 5th – Board of Supervisor’s Meeting 7:00 PM

February 13th – Planning Commission Meeting 7:00 PM

Public Comment

A resident from Gun Club Road Group requested a meeting with Gary Asteak which Gary has offered in the past. Gary said he is waiting for authorization from the board.

A resident on Bath Pike asked why ‘No Parking’ signs haven’t been posted on his street as promised. Public Works Director Sean Shupe said he’d look into it.

Supervisor’s Comments

Donna Hirst made a statement concerning the controversy over Library funding pointing out that UNT budget meetings were open to the public, that all line items were reviewed and addressed and that representatives from the Library only attended the first meeting. She questioned why the Library had switched auditing firms from 2015 to 2016 and claimed that the Library had asked UNT to sign a non-disclosure agreement before releasing information. She said UNT should receive more information from the Library by February 1st  without a non-disclosure agreement. Ms. Hirst complained about being publicly criticized then reported that Scott Sylvanius had not attended the Library’s budget meeting (although Betty Parrish, UNT Treasurer, reportedly did.) She suggested UNT residents put the Library funding on the ballot, and announced she wouldn’t take comments or questions.

Township Engineer

Supervisors approved releasing Eagles Landing Phase 3C from an 18 month Maintenance period – it will close out on May 5, 2020.

Approval to submit a revised MS-4 (Stormwater) proposal for Shoeneck Creek.

Township Solicitor

Gary Asteak reported that UNT resident, Brian Sayago, had contacted him about an intention to file a referendum—reportedly to add a 0.6 mil tax to pay for Library funding. To get the referendum on the ballot, 3% of Electors from the last election will need to sign the petition which will then be forwarded to the County’s Election Board.

Township Manager

Supervisors tabled a request to mail out a questionnaire about how residents would like to use the funds from the Open Space tax. They should vote on this at the next meeting.

Approval to appoint Maher-Duessel, a CPA firm, to audit the 2019 books. (Cost will be ~$12,730 for the books and an additional $1,010 for the audit)

Planning and Zoning

Morning Star sent a letter in to Gary Asteak requesting a reduction in the Letter of Credit for Phases 3 & 4. The letter, and Gary’s reply, were multiple pages long and the Supervisors asked more time to review them.

Approval of an extension to April 30th for the Schoeneberger Minor Subdivision.

Your Tax Dollars at Work

Approval to promote one Laborer I to a Laborer II position.

Accepted a resignation letter from a full-time Public Works employee.

Approval for the Police Department to issue a conditional offer of employment for a part-time officer.


Becky Bartlett covers these meetings because citizens have a right to know what their government is doing.

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