Mini-casinos prohibited in Upper Nazareth

Upper Nazareth Supervisor’s Meeting – December 20, 2017

An extremely chaotic meeting tonight. Donna Hirst and Richard Mann were absent and Scott Sylvanius called in from an airport between flights. He participated via speaker phone. The supervisors raced through the meeting in 15 minutes, hopscotching around the agenda.


Tuske’s Park is still open but the building and the bathrooms are closed

Citizen Concerns

No time for public comment was allowed despite residents signing up to speak.

Your Money at Work

Resolution 17-19 concerned Act 42, a prohibition on mini-casinos in the township. A vote on this issue could only be this month.  At the Dec. 5th meeting, the board voted 2 to 2 on this issue. Tonight, all three supervisors voted to prohibit allowing casinos in Upper Nazareth.

Approval for an advertisement to run in January, asking for bid specs to replace 7,000 square feet of roof with shingles. The engineer estimated the cost will be around $50,000.

Approval of a payment to Lower Nazareth Township for paving on Georgetown Road.

The township manager reported that Northampton County has approved a matching grant (~$13,000) to put electricity at Tuske’s Park.

Construction Updates

Approval of a reduction in the Letter of credit for Kay Scenic View Estates from $745,000 to $404,727 following the paving of roads.


Becky Bartlett covers these meetings because citizens have a right to know what their government is doing.

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