Correction: Real Estate Taxes to Rise in 2018

Upper Nazareth Supervisor’s Meeting – December 5, 2017


Rest rooms at Tuskes Park are closed for the season.

The last day for leaf pickup is December 22nd.

Community Concerns

Residents queried the supervisors about the following issues:

So many parents are driving their children to school, that school buses are running nearly empty. Taxpayers are picking up the costs for transportation. A resident asked that children who are being driven by their parents should be removed from the rolls and the number of buses could be reduced, saving money and lessening traffic.

Other municipalities have written letters to Plainfield township expressing their displeasure with the Green Knight Energy Corp and their plans to put in a sludge plant. A resident wanted to know why UN supervisors have not also sent a letter on this subject.

Someone brought in an article from The Morning Call about Emmaus moving to a single-hauler with Mascaro. There have been a number of complaints about late services, scattered garbage and days when the haulers didn’t show up. The resident cautioned the supervisors about always going with the low bidder and phrasing of contracts.

Your Tax Dollars at Work

(Correction to previous post) Supervisors voted 2-2 to pay for a uniformed officer to attend board meetings.  This decision was tabled until the next meeting.

There was a discussion about a township police car which has broken down and would cost too much to fix. The worth is estimated to be no more than $500. After discussion it was decided the car will be donated to the Fire Department for training.

(Correction to previous post) Resolution # 17-16 concerning the 2018 Real Estate Tax Rate – there will be an increase in the 2018 Real Estate Tax rate from 5.95 mils to 6.5 mils.

Resolution # 17-17 concerning Act 511 taxes. Rate remains unchanged.


Many thanks to Joanne Messenlehner for covering this meeting. Citizens have the right to know what their government is doing.

Many thanks to E.J. Mentry, UN Township Manager, for the corrections. 


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