UNT Supervisors move forward on truck restrictions in some developments

UNT Supervisors – March 16, 2022

Absent – Robert Disbrow


March 28th – April 1st – Street sweeping

April 18-22 Spring Curbside Waste Collection


A resident from Mt. Vernon complained about drainage problems on 1st and 2nd Streets in his area and blamed runoff from the apartments on 4th Street.

At a later point in the meeting, someone mentioned a sinkhole opening up near Liberty St.


Approval to advertise an amendment to Ordinance codifications to add Gun Club, Lehigh and New England roads to truck restrictions which will include a limit of 14,000 pounds and a maximum length of 40 feet.

Approval to seek permission from Lower Nazareth Township to post signs about the restrictions on the west end of Gun Club road.


The Police Department is running into issues with the increase in the cost of fuel

Brian Sayago asked about the estimated cost for the MS-4 Stormwater work in Farmview Estates. The initial estimate had been $130,000, but he’d like to see an updated figure.

There was a conversation about moving township funds to another bank to get a higher interest rate.

Brian Sayago requested the Fire Department provide more financial information to the township.

Approval to raise the pay of two Public Works employees.


Donna Sabatino (sp?) is asking the township to vacate the alleys on Pine and Railroad. Gary Asteak says she needs to file legal paperwork to regain the rights to those paper streets.


Approval for Lisa Klem to coordinate with the Library to enroll the township for the Touch-a-Truck event at Tuskes Park on October 1st.

Ms. Klem is looking for grants to pay for a MS-4 project at Sycamore Park.

Webinar system may be changing as the platform is no longer be supported.


Bryan Cope from the Parks & Rec Department spoke at a recent meeting and suggested the township put together a plan for trails. UNT may be the only municipality in the County that does not have a trail system.

Estimate for a Pickle Ball Court is $100,000. Approval to apply for a Livable Landscape grant from the County to pay for 50% of the project.

Becky Bartlett covers these meetings because citizens have a right to know what their government is doing.

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