June 17, 2015 Township meeting

Here are some highlights from the June 17, 2015 meeting of Upper Nazareth Supervisors
The bridge over Route 33 which links Nazareth to Tatamy
     Current projection is for the bridge to be finished by the end of July
     Blame for the extended deadline (it was supposed to be finished in early June) is being assigned to PennDOT
Concerning the PennEast Pipeline
      UGI is the company responsible for installing and maintaining this project
               The company plans to file for the right to build the pipeline in July or August of this year with the anticipated go                            ahead for the project to be determined in  2016
                FERC (I may have the name wrong) will be doing the environmental review
     22 local property owners will be affected under the current plans
            UGI claims they will pay above market value for the land
            UGI also claims the gas moved will be for local use and will result in a decrease in gas and electrical bills
                (several snorts of laughter were heard in response to this claim)
    The pipeline will be constructed of high grade carbon steel with a remote shut off at UGI headquarters in Reading.
        Safety rating is Class I but it’s possible UGI may build it to a Class II
Stop light construction at Route 191 and Fridenstahl Avenue
        There has been payout of $21,989 from the fund for this project since the May meeting
            Details about where the money has been spent was not provided by the board
       The application for the project has been submitted to PennDOT
        The town engineer will be contacting impacted property owners soon
    Nazareth Area School district did not discuss this project at their June meeting (6/15/15) but will probably have it on the agenda at a future date
Repairs to Shoeneck Road
        New piping and storm drain purchases were approved at the meeting (estimated cost for materials will be under                           $14,000)
      There is a drainage problem on the west side of Shoeneck road
            Repairs, when they begin, are estimated to take 2 weeks. Traffic will be restricted to one lane during the repair
The Open Space Grant
        This will be reviewed at the next township meeting (July 1) and then bids will be sent out
 Becky Bartlett is a candidate for Upper Nazareth Supervisor.  The election will be held on November 3, 2015

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