July 15, 2015 Township Meeting

Upper Nazareth Supervisor’s Meeting: July 15, 2015


Community Concerns

The Zoning officer was asked about high grass/weeds on three different properties in the township (Friedenstahl Road, Silvercrest and Broad Street extension).

  • Letters have been sent to all three owners, but no response has been received

Traffic/Construction Updates

Traffic Light at 191 and Friedenstahl Avenue

  • PennDOT has reviewed the submission for the engineering plans and Newton Engineering is currently addressing questions
    • A public meeting will be called sometime in the next month. Officials from the township, school district and Newton Engineering will be on hand to answer any questions
    • No actual work on this project can begin until PennDOT issues an HOP
    • The township should be getting some money from Tuskes to help pay for the traffic light

Pipe/Storm Drain Replacement on Shoeneck Avenue

  • Rainy days have caused a delay in the completion of this project
  • There’s 80 feet of piping still to be put in and tied into the existing storm system.

New Housing Construction

  • Tuskes is changing the name of their project—Scenic View Estates—to Carriage Hill Estates
  • They’ve informed the township that they want to put up a pump station on one of the parcels to deal with water pressure issues and they plan for a Homeowner’s Association to own the lot
    • Township solicitor, Gary Asteak, said the township cannot allow this. The land must be owned by a homeowner as Associations regularly go bankrupt and dissolve.

Your Tax Dollars at Work

  • The supervisors approved up to $1,000 for a new office counter top at the township office
  • Bids are going out for a new storage shed (36’ x 42’) to replace the 12’ x 12’ on Friedenstahl Avenue
  • This new storage shed should be big enough to store 1 year’s worth of road salt
  • The township received an energy audit from Met Ed for lightning improvements and upgrades.
    • The township would pay $6,600 in upgrades in anticipation of receiving $3,700/year in electricity costs
      • The life of the new bulbs is estimated to be 1,000 hours
    • The upgrades are necessary because the police station has bulbs which are obsolete and can’t be replaced.
    • The discussion was tabled until the next meeting as supervisors gather more information on CFL versus LED lightning.
  • There is a property dispute at 75 St. Elmo street with the owner requesting that the township vacate an area behind her house (a stub alley)
    • There may have to be money spent for a title search to see who owns the land
    • The solicitor said the supervisor’s cannot vacate the property via a resolution, they will require an ordinance

Becky Bartlett is a candidate for Upper Nazareth Supervisor.  The election will be held on November 3, 2015

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