Supervisor’s Meeting – Dec. 2, 2015


Supervisors attending: Donna Hirst, Mike Rinker, Steve Ytkin, Scott Sylvainus & William Austin

Community Concerns

In the ongoing discussion concerning ordinance violations at Mammana’s Garage on Newburg Avenue—Township Solicitor Gary Asteak said that Mr. Mammana will remove the large sign in front of his house and will only post the State Inspection sign and a small sign saying “Mammana”.

  • He said that Mammana is in violation of the ordinance in that he preforms brake jobs and oil changes at that site but, since the township hasn’t enforced any of those regulations in the past 17 years (and the township knew about them because they brought their cars to Mammana for service) the township can’t enforce that part of the ordinance now.
    • This is based on a legal opinion that the owner continued to do that kind of work because he believed his actions weren’t prohibited and, to enforce the ordinance now, would cause harm to the business owner.
    • Editor’s Note: ?!?!?!
  • Mammana came in after Mr. Asteak’s statement and said he wanted the board to investigate the residents who complained about them, believing they are guilty of harassment.
    • Asteak repeated the township’s position and Mr. Mammana promised the big sign would be taken down by tomorrow (Dec. 3rd).

Public Works

The Proposed Traffic Light at Friedenstal Avenue and Route 191

  • Township Manager Edward Mentry stated that he has reviewed the grants for the traffic light project and that they will be good as long as construction begins before June 2017.

Editor’s Note: At the June 3rd meeting, State Representative Joe Emrick said we would lose $500,000 in grant funding if the project did not begin by March 2016. 


  • Supervisor Ytkin reported that he expects approval on the specs by next week and will be putting the job out to bid in January. He plans to run ads for the job on January 11th and 15th, and expects to award the bid by February 17th.
    • The project is estimated to be completed by the start of the school year in September 2015.

Editor’s Note: See “Dude, Where’s My Traffic Light?” for an outline of events around this project.

The Real Estate Tax Collector asked for a drop box to be used for real estate taxes as there is a liability issue with people coming to her house

  • The Supervisors approved this motion.


Christmas Tree Collection

  • Due to issues of garland and tinsel, residents will not take their trees to a drop off site this year. The township will do curbside collection of trees every week through January 2016.

The Salt Bin is being constructed and should be ready by next week

  • Shawn is approved to get 300 tons of salt.
    • The township used 180 tons of salt last year

Your Tax Dollars at Work

  • A motion to approve money for newspaper ads for the traffic light project. Motion passed. (Amount was not provided)
  • A motion to advertise in The Key about curbside pickup of Christmas trees. Motion passed. (Amount was not provided)
  • A motion to approve the purchase of a 14 yard Leaf Vac Brush Collector at $46,421.25 and fencing at the yard waste site—a 902 grant covers 90% of this, the township picks up the other 10%


Becky Bartlett is a Upper Nazareth Resident and covers these meetings because the public has the right to be informed on what their government is doing.


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