Path of Route 191 to change

July 6, 2016 – Nazareth Supervisor’s Meeting

Community Concerns

A resident asked a question about a gas leak in the area of the Friedenstahl Ave and Route 191 construction project. The supervisors said a valve on a UGI gas main had been struck, causing a massive gas leak. Three homes were temporarily evacuated.

Construction Updates

Friedenstahl Avenue should be open next week and Shoeneck will close and remain closed into August.

The Planning Commission gave conditional approval to move Route 191 to the north. The mine wants to expand. Their representatives at the meeting claim the project was begun back in 2004 and they have already applied for approval with PennDOT and the DEP.

The plan is to move 191 to the north after the railroad tracks, and return it to the original position before the bridge over Route 33. The project will involve the realignment of American Water pipes and Met Ed poles. It is scheduled to begin in 2017 but impacts to traffic during construction should be limited.

The Supervisors recommended project approval as well as voting to waive several PennDOT engineering requirements concerning landscaping, drainage, grading, etc.

Your Tax Dollars at Work

Approval of a Green Light Go project at the corner of Route 248 and Route 946 for $9,013.60. Half of the price will be covered by a grant.


Becky Bartlett is an Upper Nazareth resident and covers these meetings because residents have a right to be informed about what their government is doing.



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