News from the School Board Meeting – Jan. 23rd

Nazareth Area School Board – January 23, 2017


Mrs. Rabeh presented a video of her 4th graders making and distributing 30 “Care Packages for the Homeless” in Philadelphia last month. Mrs. Rabeh’s students attend the Intermediate School

CIT Budget

Ms. Arianne Jones presented a proposed budget for CIT to the board. (Dr. Roth has retired). Five districts send students to CIT and Nazareth’s numbers have increased over the last three years (91, 97 and, this year, 127). CIT is proposing a 3.32% increase in budget over last year which will come to approximately a $37,000 increase. However, the district will also get back close to $36,000 in over-payments from last year.

  • Riker said the board would review the budget and vote on it at next Monday’s meeting (January 30th)

A representative from the Student Government, Clarice, announced that they are planning a Winter Formal to be held on March 17th from 7:00-10:00PM and that the cost is estimated to be $45.

  • Riker pointed out that winter isn’t really here yet and maybe they should rename it the Spring Formal

Agenda Items

Items VI, VIII, X & XII passed. 


Becky Bartlett is an Upper Nazareth resident and covers these meetings because residents have a right to be informed about what their government is doing. 


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