Supervisors have no interest for a prison in Upper Nazareth

Upper Nazareth Supervisor’s Meeting – June 21, 2017

Upcoming Events

August 25 & 26 – Community Day at Tuskes Park

October 7th – Touch a Truck at Tuskes Park

Community Concerns

A resident polled the supervisors about the proposal to build the new county prison opposite Gracedale. They reported that they’ve had one informational meeting about the issue with the county. Scott Sylvanius said that the zoning would have to be changed before a prison could be built there and the county hasn’t submitted any requests for that. The Zoning Officer said he has not be contacted about it either.

Scott Sylvania, Mike Rinker and Donna Hirsh all made statements implying that they would be against a prison moving into the township. Rich Mann, who was absent tonight, expressed his opposition to the prison at the last meeting.

I asked about the proposal to move to a single-hauler. The supervisors have held three meetings about this topic since last fall, but have yet to vote on it. Later in the meeting, the supervisors determined they would hold a vote on November 15th—after the election so politics won’t come into the debate.


A discussion was held about the MS4 Stormwater program. This is a federal unfunded mandate concerning pollution runoff. The program is run by the DEP which has, up till now, been very cooperative with townships. However, the grace period has ended and fines will begin to be levied if deadlines are not met. All of the pipes in the township will have to be mapped. This will require the purchase of a new GPS unit. Our current permit will expire in February 2019 so the application must be filed by August 2018.

Lower Nazareth Township is administrating the reconstruction of Georgetown Road. They’ve received a bid for reclamation–$127,550. Upper Nazareth’s share will be $17,000 and it was accounted for in the budget.

Approval of a letter of reduction of credit for Eagle’s Landing 3C from $186,000 to $41,512.

Your Tax Dollars at Work

With help from Representative Matt Cartwright, the fire department will receive a $102,000 grant. The township will have to put $5,000.

Approval to form a DCNR Grant Study Committee.

Approval to place an advertisement for Budget Workshop Dates.


Resident Becky Bartlett covers these meetings because citizens have a right to know what their government is doing.

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