UNT Supervisors fail to live up to their promises

November 15, 2017 – UNT Supervisor Meeting

Community Concerns

A resident requested that the hall door to the township building be open during election day so poll workers can use the bathroom.

The township has designed an emergency management form to be filled out by residents who might need assistance (i.e. on oxygen) during weather events or other emergencies.

Proposal to move to a Single Hauler – This issue has been tabled for over a year.

Editor’s Note: Under ACT 101, every township is required to collect data on recycling and trash disposal. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania requires this because of overcrowding at landfills. On June 22, 2017, the Supervisors pledged to hold a vote on this issue at this meeting. They lied.

It was standing room only township meeting about moving to a single-hauler. This issue was debated in 2013, when there were 14 different haulers. Now, there may be well over 30, but no one knows for sure because some of these businesses aren’t registered. You can find a timeline on this issue here: https://uppernazarethmeetings.com/2017/11/18/unt-supervisors-refuse-to-take-act-101-seriously/


Concerns expressed by residents against the move included cost. People on fixed incomes with limited trash might only pay $104 for hauling and they’re worried that the price will rise. Mike Rinker said that the price will depend on the bid. Other residents thought that the free market should govern this service and don’t want to see a monopoly put in place. Two haulers showed up to advocate for their businesses: Herceg Hauling and Berger Hauling made statements designed to scare people—job losses, that prices would go up, that service would decline, etc. The township manager disputed this, saying these issues could be addressed in the bid, but was shouted down.

Residents for moving to a single-hauler pointed out that, with less truck traffic, there would be less pollution which would be better for the environment and that the price would likely decrease.

An attendee pointed out that not moving to a single-hauler would cost us hundreds of thousands of dollars in grants. Under ACT 101, communities get money back for how much they recycle. Right now, UN is not recycling enough. Moving to a single-hauler would bring in more grants.

Scott Sylvanius motioned for a vote which would simply allow the township manager to put out a bid. Not to move to a single-hauler—just to gather data on what it would cost. None of the other four supervisors (Donna Hirst, Mike Rinker, Robert Disbrow or Rich Mann) seconded so the motion died. (Editor’s Note – Thanks for wasting everyone’s time. Your contempt for our environment, infrastructure, taxes, and democratic process is duly noted).

At the end of the meeting, several residents expressed anger about the lack of the vote and that the supervisors did not use facts or statistics to explain their position. Billing options for a single hauler were not presented to the public nor discussed in a coherent fashion. If the supervisors had approved putting out the bid, there would be actual data to discuss. It’s estimated that UNT will lose between $300,000 – $400,000 in grant money. In other words, the supervisors failed to do their job at every level. Donna Hirst, who tried to force an unannounced vote on this issue at the Sept. 21st meeting, said she didn’t want to waste time debating because she was against it anyway.  Hirst said “she didn’t want people telling her where to shop.”  A certain amount of anger was expressed about the supervisors ignoring the results from two surveys which showed majority support for a single hauler. This included the survey taken at the Touch-a-Truck event which require respondents to pay a $5 entry fee to make their voices heard. The supervisors didn’t care.  No explanation was given as to why the unanimous approval by the Recycling Committee for moving to a single-hauler was ignored. This whole debate has been a sham from the beginning.

Recent Events

State Trooper Seth J. Kelly was shot on election day, Nov. 7, 2017, at the Route 33/Route 191 interchange. The supervisors commended the three UNT police officers who responded.  The shooter is in custody and Trooper Kelly is recovering from his wounds.

Supervisors issued a proclamation, honoring the Fire Department.

Construction Updates

End of maintenance period for development at Red Cliff.  Money released back to the company includes $7,343.50 for Phase 1 and $3,012.50 for Phase 2.

Your Tax Dollars at Work

To cover the upcoming budget, Harrisburg has decided to allow mini-casinos. The township has an option to put in a resolution to declare that they don’t want a mini-Casino but it must be filed by December. If a mini-Casino is allowed, a 4% tax would be collected, with the township receiving half of it. A resolution will be presented at the next meeting.

Approval for $1,000 to update the server but no approval for a $2,000 security backup.

Approval for $800-$1,000 for the holiday luncheon will be held on December 15th, starting at 1:30 PM at a cost of $20/person.


Many thanks to Jeanie Morgano for covering this meeting. Citizens have the right to know what their government is doing. Especially when their government lies and going to increase costs for infrastructure damage and loss of grants.


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