Voting at Butz will Continue–parents will be presented with options

March 26, 2018 – School Board Meeting

Community Concerns

Regarding voting at Butz Elementary—On March 22nd the Election Commission voted against moving the polling station out of Butz. Dr. Riker will send a letter to parents with 3 options for the primary on May 15th.

  1. Close Butz for the day and lose a $4,000 subsidy from the state for not making the day up
  2. Keep the school open for a normal day but students who are absent will receive an excuse
  3. Move Butz’s Field Day from May 4th to May 15th and send the students to the Middle School for that day.

Crystal Mulada and Paul S., the parents who have lobbied to have voting moved out of Butz, spoke and showed a video from the Election Commission meeting which ruled against their request. They will continue to push for new legislation at the state level.

At the last meeting, the school board voted 4 to 4 for two applicants to fill Linda MacDonald’s position. Both applicants have had attorneys submit petitions and were interviewed. The decision will be made by the court.

Student Achievement

A group of students from the Middle School showed a 2.5 minute video on Equipto for the What’s So Cool About Manufacturing contest. Their entry won the Marketing Award.

CIT students, who competed in Skills USA were recognized for participation and awards.

A 9th grade high school student won a writing award for the Regional Scholastic Art and Writing competition with a 80,000 word Science Fiction novel “Salvation”.

Michael Allen is a finalist for a National Merit Scholarship.

Steven Beck won a Presidential Volunteer Service Award

Agenda Items

Items IV, V,VI, VII & VIII  passed. You can find a link to the agenda here:


Residents have a right to know what their government is doing but this might get more difficult in the future. The School Board is talking about changing the schedule again and altering the time of board meetings beginning in April.  Many thanks to William Bartlett for covering this meeting.


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