District Focuses on PSSA Scores

October 15, 2018 – NASD School Board Meeting

Attendance: Jodi Mammana and Adam McGlynn were absent. Denise Glaros came an hour late.

Student Achievement

The Nightingales, an all-female High School singing group, treated everyone to a song.

High School Students Seth Peterson and Sarah Whitmire received a commendation in the National Merit Scholarship Competition, based on their PSSA scores. This puts them in the top 34,000 students out of 1.6 million.

Student Government Report

Peter Huleatte reported that Homecoming Week was very successful and that it had to be held outside due to the repairs of the floor in the gym. In the future, the students are looking to do a dress exchange to help out those individuals who have problem paying for gowns for events. 

The Winter Formal will be held on February 15th.

An Exercise in Satire

Attendees were treated to a 55 minute presentation on PSSA statistics as a guide for developing a Comprehensive Plan for the District. When it was over, Linda Stubits expressed concern with the sole focus on PSSA scores. Dr. Resende claimed, despite the excruciating presentation we’d all just sat through, that other scores had been used to develop the plan.

The Comprehensive Plan should be released for public review soon.

Apple Must Love Us

The District wants to purchase another 40 iPads for $13,500, this is in addition to the iPads which were previously purchased for the Gifted Students.

Warehouse on Gun Club Road

Board member Kathryn Roberts reported that she’d attend the Upper Nazareth Planning Commission on Oct. 11th about the proposed trucking facility on Gun Club Road. Roberts said she spoke out against the project from a personal perspective, she hadn’t spoken for the school board, and that UNT residents are concerned about the decrease in their quality of life should the project be approved.

Agenda Items

Items 7 & 9 passed with Joseph Vlasko appointed to be the Career Institute of Technology Representative.

A link to the agenda and minutes can be found here: https://www.boarddocs.com/pa/naza/Board.nsf/Public


Becky Bartlett covers these meetings because citizens have a right to know what their government is doing.

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