School Board Changing their Meeting Schedule

December 10, 2018 – NASD School Board Meeting

Absent: Jodi Mammana, Kate Roberts and Adam McGlynn

Meeting Schedule to Change in 2019

Starting in January, the School Board will only meet twice a month on Tuesdays at 7:00 PM. (Till now, 3 meetings were held a month on 2 Mondays and 1 Tuesday at 6:30).  The Superintendent wants to hold the February 12th meeting at CIT and the April 16th meeting at the Colonial Academy.

Student Achievement

Dan’s Cameras presented Middle School students with a Scholastic All Star Recognition plaque for their Green Power Car program.

Middle School Students were recognized for raising money for two locally ill children with their Powder Puff game.


Gorman and Associates presented the results of the 2017-2018 audit although they didn’t have copies available for the board.

Preliminary approval of the budget will be presented at the January 29th meeting.

Agenda Items

On a request from Denise Glaros, items viii and ix under Section 8 were tabled till next time because 3 board members were absent. The items dealt with security equipment. Security equipment has taken up a disproportionate part of the budget. The Board had a contentious meeting on June 19th, arguing about nearly $900,000 in additional security equipment before eventually passing it.

Items 8 (except for viii and ix) & 10 passed.

Mr. Butz requested Section 11 A part iii and B be passed because they shouldn’t be delayed until the January meeting. The Board passed $41,600 for bleachers for the new baseball field.

A link to the agenda and minutes can be found here:


Becky Bartlett covers these meetings because citizens have the right to know what their government is doing.

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