Penn East Pipeline Coming Through Soon


March 6, 2019 – Upper Nazareth Supervisors Meeting

Absent: Donna Hirst


The Planning Commission meets on Thursday, March 14th at 7:00 PM

  • The agenda will include a discussion about a proposed forensic center to be built near the 911 Center


Community Comment

A resident, who spoke at the Feb. 6th meeting, returned to speak about a breach in a fence at Eagle Landings. He brought documentation he said showed there should be a fence there.

Terry Sayago brought the Library report to the supervisors and reported that is also posted on the website.

The owner of Bernard Sanitation complained about a policeman stopping one of his trucks because it was on the road too early. He says his crews begin their day at 3AM. The supervisors pointed out that there is an ordinance which prohibits picking up trash before 6AM.  Mr. Bernard continued to insist that the later start poses a safety issue with school buses and that other haulers begin their work day at 3AM as well. Mike Rinker said the police will stop those trucks too.

Construction – Sean Dooley

The Supervisors accepted a bid to fix the Penn Dixie Bridge this summer.

Dooley brought up the issue of bonding the roads in anticipation of the installation of the Penn East Pipeline. A 20+ minute discussion ensued as it turned out that no one knew when the pipeline would come through, how long it would take to install, why roads that weren’t scheduled to be affected were on the list or how much the bonding would cost. Scott Sylvanius pointed out that, if the pipeline crews damage a mile of township roads, it will cost $1 million dollars to repair. Without the bonding local taxpayers will pick up the bill.

Township Solicitor – Gary Asteak

The Supervisors passed a codification (a compilation) of the township ordinances.

The Elections Office replied to the township’s letter requesting that the polling place be moved from the municipal building. There won’t be time to change before May so the primary but the Election Board is reaching out to School District about using their buildings for future elections. Asteak said that the law gives the decision on polling places to the Election’s Office. The township can request a change, but can’t demand it.

In response to a letter requesting brake retarders on a local road, PennDOT says that they’re not allowed in that area.

Your Tax Dollars at Work

Lehigh Hanson Cement was fined $110,000 by the DEP for air pollution. The Supervisors approved the township applying to receive $9,209 of it by submitting a project request.

Approval of an escrow agreement to help Betty Parish, the treasurer, go after past due payments.

Approval to pay for ads in The Key and The Home News for Yard Waste Collection, Street Sweeping and for 2 summer helpers.

Approval for the treasurer to attend the GFOA Conference.

Approval for $979 for additional cameras to cover the blind spots around the municipal building.

Approval of $3,717 to pay for the bullet proof installation of a pass through window at the front desk.

Summer Camp

Two teachers from the Nazareth School District proposed having a summer camp at Tuske’s Park. The camp will run for 6 weeks from 9AM – Noon, Monday through Friday. It will be educational and recreational, for kids ages 5-12 and staffed by educators and college students and student volunteers.

Asteak told them he thought their proposal was too aggressive and moving too quickly. He suggested they flesh out their plan and open in 2020.

The township manager also suggested they aim for 2020, pointing out that the township will have to approve the budget and the hires. The township does not cover child abuse clearances and applying for one takes 3 weeks. Asteak recommended they meet with other municipalities to see how they structure their programs.


Approval to proceed with SOP to become certified. The SOP will be forwarded to the solicitor and the insurance company for review.


Becky Bartlett covers these meetings because citizens have a right to know what their government is doing.






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