Spring Curbside Waste Collection

Upper Nazareth Township will be collecting yard waste curbside during the week of April 22-26, 2019. This collection will follow the same collection pattern as the one used for fall leaves. 

Acceptable Materials: Leaves, branches, twigs, roots, bushes, flowers, house plants, garden clippings. Place your yard waste in a clean open-top container. NO PLASTIC BAGS. Branches must be tied with cotton or hemp twin in bundles no larger than 12′ x 12′  x 6′ weighing no more than 40 pounds. 

Unacceptable Materials: will not be collected and include grass clippings, tree stumps, loose soils, sod, food waste, plastics and synthetic fibers, lumber, any wood or tree limbs over 4″ in diameter, human or animal excrement, soil contaminated with hazardous substances, plastic bags, plastic pots, rocks, litter, trash or glass.

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