Supervisors Move Forward with Open Space Referendum


May 1, 2019 – Upper Nazareth Supervisors Meeting


May 2nd @ 6:30 Open Space meeting at Lower Nazareth Elementary School, 4422 Newburg Road, Nazareth

May 4th – 9am – Noon Electronics Collection @ 345 Illicks Mill Rd. Bethlehem

May 9th – Planning Commission Regular meeting

May 11th – 9am – Noon Mobile Paper Shredding @ Bangor Municipal Office 197 Pennsylvania Avenue, Bangor

May 15th – Board of Supervisors Meeting

May 18th – 8:30am – 2pm Household Hazardous Waste Collection @ NCC 3835 Green Pond Road, Bethlehem

Public Comment

A resident pointed out that a recent report gave the air in the Lehigh Valley an ‘F’ rating. She urged the Supervisors to consider the health of our community during planning. The proposed trucking facility on Gun Club Road will not be good for the health of the people of Upper Nazareth.

Township Engineer

The work on the Penn Dixie bridge is finished but came in $9,000 over budget due to extra materials. The final cost of the project was around $90,000.

Township Solicitor – Gary Asteak

Gary reported that DCED has approved a grant for a multi-modal project in the township.

The Supervisors approved the advertisement for Ordinance No. 182 Open Space Referendum. The Ordinance will be presented at a June meeting and, if approved, put on the ballot for the Nov. 5th election.  The Ordinance would impose a 0.25% Earned Income Tax on township residents to be used to preserved farmland and open space.  This may be the only method to prevent warehouse development in this area.  Bushkill and Moore townships already have the tax in place. Lower Nazareth will put the referendum question on their ballot for the May primary.

Road Complaints

Meeting attendees made comments about road conditions at:

  • 4th Street at the entrance to the High School – there’s a huge dip in the road where a sink hole formed and the water company replaced a pipe
  • Gun Club Road – The section in Lower Nazareth Township has an enormous pot hole in it
  • The township received a letter about erosion along Long Shank Road. Repair to damage to township property caused by Hurricane Ivan caused the water to divert and affect an adjacent property


Approval to prepare a Resolution on PA House Bill 349

The Supervisors voted to invite Megan van Raavensway from the Sigal Museum to a future meeting to present on the County Historical and Cultural Assets Plan.

Approval for Kim, the township secretary, to attend the 2020 Census Complete County Committee Meeting on May 22nd at 8:30am.

Donna Hirst will attend the Lehigh Valley Greenways Legislative Breakfast on May 3rd.

The 2019 1st Quarter Nationwide Police Pension Report is not available for review.

The 2019 1st Quarter Univest Police Pension Report is now available for review.

The township has received a LSA Grant for paving equipment.

The township got a $8,193 check from a 2017 904 Recycling Performance Grant.


Becky Bartlett covers these meetings because citizens have a right to know what their government is doing.






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