Debate on new entrances at Heritage Village


July 17, 2019 – Upper Nazareth Supervisors Meeting

Absent: Brian Pullium

The July 3rd Supervisors meeting was cancelled due to the holiday


Submissions to the Township newsletter are due by August 12th.

July 19th – Nazareth Days from 9AM – 4PM at the Borough Park

August 7th – 7:00PM Board of Supervisors Regular Meeting

August 8th – 7:30PM Planning Commission

August 17th – 2 – 4PM Pibbles and Paws Safe Haven Microchip and Shot Clinic at the Bath Municipal Bldg

August 23rd – 5PM – 10PM Community Days at Tuskes Park

August 24th – 3PM – 11PM Community Days at Tuskes Park

August 25th – 12:30 PM Benefit Walk fro Kristi Williams

Community Comment

A resident asked about the presentation by Fair Districts at the June 19th meeting, wanting to know when the supervisors would vote on a resolution in support of legislation to address gerrymandering. Mike Rinkler said they are still “reviewing” the proposal and haven’t determined if they will move forward on it.  296 municipalities in 20 counties have already passed similar resolutions.

Tadmoor Project

The developer for the proposed warehouse project on Gun Club Road presented an updated plan for the the road—25 foot width with no curbs. A resident asked a question about shoulders being added to accommodate bicyclists and got a convoluted answer about trail crossings—it was not clear if the reconfiguration of Gun Club road will be safe for people using 2-wheeled transportation.

Someone else asked why the Supervisors were moving forward with these plans if the warehouse facility itself has not been approved, pointing out that none of the costs for road improvements were included in the 2019 budget. The Supervisors said that their vote was simply to move the design forward for approval by the LVPC and Planning Commission.

  • Supervisors approved the motion 4 to 0.

Heritage Village

At the June 19th meeting the Supervisors refused a request for Heritage Village to open a road to become a throughway. The initial proposal was for one main road off of West Beil Avenue. The Solicitor for Morning Star said that one of the driveways would be designed to look like the main entrance then gave a long rambling speech about land acquisitions and the change of the location of the Clubhouse. The fire department said they liked the second egress for access of emergency vehicles.

Morning Star brought 19 Heritage Village to the meeting in support of a new driveway. The engineer claimed the new driveway would be a low use entrance and will not increase traffic to the Clubhouse. Although later someone said that there will be events held at the Clubhouse which would increase traffic. Scott Sylvanius wanted to know why some access roads to the development would be gated while others weren’t and that the gates at Phase I would increase traffic in Phase II. Donna Hirst asked if there were any residents from West Beil who wanted to comment on the additional entrance but none were in attendance.

  • The Supervisors split 2 to 2 on an approval to add a new driveway, causing the vote to be tabled until a full board was present.
  • At the end of the meeting, Heritage Village requested a new vote for not gating the Phase I driveway. The Supervisors approved the motion 3 to 1, with Donna Hirst voting against.

Planning Commission Appointment

Approval to appoint Jim Campana to the Planning Commission following a check by the township solicitor, Gary Asteak, on any potential conflicts.

Your Tax Dollars at Work

Approval of an ad for the Pollution Reduction Plan to run in the Home News.



Becky Bartlett covers these meetings because citizens have a right to know what their governments are doing.

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