Community Days this Weekend: Aug. 23 & 24th


August 21, 2019 – Upper Nazareth Supervisors Meeting

Absent: Brian Pulliam

The August 7th Supervisors meeting was cancelled


August 23rd and August 24th 5PM – 10PM Community Days at Tuskes Park

Supervisors approved the Fire Department to sell alcohol and for the park to stay open after dusk but failed to approve a smoking area which failed on a 2 to 2 vote.

Community Comment

A resident asked about the presentation by MorningStar/Heritage Village on July 17th concerning the news that the company had bought additional parcels. During a presentation a few years ago, the township asked the company to consolidate the deed. Solicitor Steve Mills said he’d check into it.

Jason Mohap told the supervisors that he’d written letters to the township and hadn’t gotten a reply, pointing out that several letters in the past have also been ignored. Steve Mills said the letters have not been answered because of litigation Mohap filed. (The Mandamus is scheduled to be filed next week.)

  • Mohap pointed out that one of his letters concerned a neighbor not cutting his grass, so why couldn’t the township address that topic? Lisa Klem said the township had to prove the homeowner has gotten notice first. Mohap asked who the enforcement officer is in UNT.  Answer – the township doesn’t have one.

Editor’s Note: The township not answering letters or phone calls from residents has been a reoccurring theme this year. I’ll explore it in a later post.

Township News

Twenty cats were removed from a house on Daniels Road by the SPCA—the second time they’ve had to do this at that property. The Supervisors approved a $200 donation to the organization.

A child was reported missing on August 17th, but was later found in their bed.


The Tanzosh Property was on the agenda for rezoning their property but Zoning Officer John Sloe failed to bring the necessary Resolution. It was a truly embarrassing situation because the Tanzoshs had their drawings and were ready to do their presentation. They pointed out that they’d had their plans filed for weeks. The Supervisors tabled the vote till the next meeting.

Pollution Reduction Plan

Three Vortec units have been installed to reduce sentiment into the sewer system, bringing the township in compliance with the MS-4 stormwater system. Public Works estimated the installation has saved $148,000.

Township Engineer

Approval to release the final payment for the Penn Dixie Road Bridge Project (~$4,500).

Approval to reduce the Heritage Village Phase 2 letter of credit by $350,764.62

Approval to award ~$22,016 for electrical work at Tuskes Park to Wind Gap Electric

Approval to appoint Alfred Benech & Co. as structural engineer for a 44 foot bridge at Heritage Village

Township Manager

The deadline for public comment on the LVPC Regional Plan is September 23rd

Your Tax Dollars at Work

Approval for payment for staff and supervisors to attend the NCATO Annual Convention.

Approval for $26,810 for Arro’s Proposal to develop a Recreation, Park & Open Space Master Plan for UNT. (DCNR may provide a matching grant)

Parking Ordinance

Police Chief Cope reported that when the township updated the parking ordinance in 2018 they neglected to bring forward the section on Abandoned cars from the original Ordinance. The supervisors voted to approve the Solicitor to amend and revise the ordinance.


Becky Bartlett covers these meetings because citizens have a right to know what their governments are doing.

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