Residents report a lawsuit was filed on their homes without their knowledge


September 4, 2019 – Upper Nazareth Township Supervisors Meeting


Sept 12th – Planning Commission meets at 7:00pm

Sept. 14th – Electronic Recycling Event at the Easton Recycling Center: 9am-noon

Sept 21st – Electronic Recycling Event at Forks, 100 Newlins Rd East from 9am- noon

Sept 28th – Paper Shredding Event at Weona Park 1086 Blue Valley Dr in Pen Argyl from 9am – noon

Community Comment

Residents from the development around Mount Vernon asked about a lawsuit by someone named Faust who filed liens on 200 homes. Faust wants the rights to paper streets in the area to vacate them for his own use. It was clear that many homeowners weren’t even aware their property had a lien on them. (Editor’s Note: I might be one of the homeowners affected). One woman said the bank turned her down for a loan and that’s how she found out about the lien—at the bank.

  • Township Solicitor, Gary Asteak said that the judge never approved the advertisement and that the suit was dismissed by the court. He claimed these weren’t actually “liens” but pending lawsuits.
  • Apparently this all came to light at a Zoning Board meeting
  • Gary has promised me a copy of the complaint and, when I get it, I will post it on this website


A 5th Street resident asked why the township has 2 Public Works department employees stationed at the yard waste facility. She said she called several other townships and they only station 1 employee.  She complained that using 2 employees is a waste of her tax dollars.

  • Sean Shupe said that someone got hurt at the facility once and 2 employees are necessary to call 911 in case of an accident


A Gun Club Road resident said he’d sent a letter to the township on July 24th and is still waiting for a reply

  • Gary said that, because the resident has filed a lawsuit against the township, all answers will be sent through the lawyer.


A question about the JVI Tadmoor Development related to the township’s requests about the widening of Gun Club Rd. Currently, the road is 16 to 18 feet in width. The township has requested the development company expand that to 25’, not 32’. This is to keep speeds low on the road and avoid trucks parking or standing in the area.

  • Mike Rinker pointed out that this project is still in the Planning Commission phase and has not come before the Supervisor’s yet.


Solicitor’s Report

Gary said that oral arguments were made in court for a lawsuit concerning the Tadmoor Project and the parties are awaiting a verdict


Your Tax Dollars at Work

Approval of the 2020 Police Pension MMO

Approval of the 2020 Non-Uniform Pension MMO (~$20,000)

Approval of a list of volunteers to serve on the 2020 Census Committee

Approval of volunteers for a group study committee for the Open Space Master Plan.  This is a requirement under the DCNR grant

Approval of a $4,000 proposal from MKSD Architects for renovations plans for the Municipal Building. These changes are related to safety concerns.


Planning and Zoning

The Supervisors approved Resolution No. 19-11 for the Tanzosh Preliminary/Final Mino Subdivision.


Becky Bartlett covers these meetings because citizens have a right to know what their governments are doing and if a lawsuit has been filed on her house because apparently you have to attend a township meeting to find out about something like that.

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