Supervisors threaten to slash library funding

UNT Supervisor’s Meeting – November 6, 2019


The Planning Commission meets on November 14th at 7:00 PM.

The yard waste facility on Friedenstahl Avenue will close after November 23rd.

Public Comments

A resident expressed delight at the election of Kristin Mullen for Supervisor and LuAnn Vogel for Auditor. Kristin has done a lot of advocacy for open space over the last year. The Open Space Referendum passed overwhelmingly in Tuesday’s election.


Approval to proceed with the Open Space Ordinance – voters approved the referendum in the Nov. 5th election. Robert Disbrow voted against this, rather odd since so many residents are in favor of it. The Ordinance will raise the Earned Income Tax on residents by 0.25%. The funds raise will be used to preserve farmland and open space.

Township Manager/Administration

A huge fight broke out during the discussion about advertising the General Fund Budget when Supervisors revealed they were considering two options – the first completely slashes funding to the Nazareth Memorial Library, the second cuts funding by 50%.  The library requested $98,000 for 2020 – an increase of $3,000 from 2019. Terry Sayago said she had not been informed of these cuts and, if they went into effect, the library would have to close. Donna Hirst stated that the Supervisors couldn’t raise taxes on low income residents to pay for the library when public safety services needed funding. Terry Sayago shot back that it was low income people who would be most hurt by the cuts because those residents depend more on library services than any other demographic. Another resident demanded to know why the Supervisors hadn’t said a word about this all year, only revealing it after the election. Mike Rinker pointed out that budget hearings had been open to the public. The Supervisors voted to advertise the General Fund budget with an increase of ½ mil – approximately an additional $35/household. Sylvanius and Pullium voted against.


Supervisors failed to motion or second a proposal to contract with the Pibbles & Paws organization. Pibbles and Paws takes in and re-homes stray dogs. The bill for 2019 was $3,200; it increased to $6,400 for 2020 with fewer hours worked. Police Chief Cope encouraged the Supervisors to seek out an alternative, even if it requires contracting with a service outside of the county.

Approval of the 2020 Holiday schedule

Approval for Sherry Acevedo to join the Open Space Committee.

The 2019 2nd Quarter Nationwide Police Pension Report is available for review.

The 2019 2nd Quarter Girard Police Pension Report is available for review.


Your Tax Dollars at Work

Approval to advertise a Resolution appointing a CPA firm to conduct the 2019 audit.

Approval to advertise the Recreation budget.

Approval to advertise the Road Improvement budget.

Approval to advertise the Liquid Fuels budget.

The Police department received a grant to purchase individual first aid kits for officers and thanked members of the community for donating candy for the Halloween party on October 31st.


Becky Bartlett covers these meetings because citizens have a right to know what their government is doing.


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