The Poster Child for Bad Development – Preliminary Plan Presented

UNT Supervisors Meeting – April 1, 2020

Note: The meeting was held virtually on a Go-To-Meeting website. Residents could attend through a computer or via phone. The technology was not up to the task. The beginning of the meeting featured screeching feedback. One supervisor was incomprehensible. Another was inaudible, at least at the start. One frustrated participant wrote a complaint out on poster board and held it up to the webcam.  Gary Asteak, township solicitor, admitted the complaints were legitimate.

Supervisor Comments

Robert Disbrow expressed appreciation for the employees at the Fire Department, EMS, Police Department and Public Works, all of who are still on the job during the outbreak.

Kristen Mullen thanked Mike Rinker and Rob Disbrow for their Emergency Management coordination.

Gary Asteak expressed admiration that the township is running smoothly.

Township Manager

Lisa Klem said the problem with the virtual meeting might be that too many people were attending. They tested it with 50 but more than 70 attended.

UNT Declaration of Disaster

Supervisors approved Resolution 20-12, a Declaration of Disaster then voted to extend it until further notice. The Declaration gives the township tools for funding assistance and helps with tracking issues. A copy of the Declaration was not provided to the public before it was put up for a vote, but it should be posted on the website tomorrow.

Approval of Resolution 20-09, which changes the municipal inspector from Code Masters to Barry Isset.  There should be no change in fees.

Planning & Zoning

Approval of an Extension Request for a Shoeneberger Minor Subdivision to June 30, 2020.

Approval of an Extension Letter for Project Tadmor to May 29th

  • Note – neither letter was provided to the public.

Approval of Joint Resolution 20-10, an Emergency Inter-municipal Mutual Aid agreement between the police departments of UNT, Bushkill and Tatamy during the Covid-19 outbreak.

Project Tadmor – Preliminary Plan Discussion

Jim Bozar from JVI spoke, saying that JVI had presented a sketch plan of the project three times to the Planning Commission with plans for rebuilding Gun Club Road and the intersection with 248. They are working with the township on the change in traffic patterns. He said they were not seeking waivers or variances but using “Buy Right Use.” But then, after the township Engineer questioned him, he admitted they were seeking variances for the width of Gun Club Road, but weren’t seeking approval at this meeting.

Mr. Bozar claimed that the project would provide $800,000/year to the School District and Earned Income Taxes to the County and UNT.

Public Comment

Lisa Klem moved this section to the end of the meeting

Comments were made either on the Chat Feature or by phone. Things were so confusing that supervisors quickly recommended these discussions be delayed until a meeting could be held in a building.  Gary Asteak got angry with people complaining about the platform, pointing out that the state Supreme Court allowed for virtual meetings to keep governments functioning.

A resident, speaking via a phone, who spoke at the meeting on February 19th, had questions about the construction at Heritage Village. He wanted to know why residents in the area have continued to not be notified about construction in the neighborhood. They haven’t even received notifications for the rock blasting. He wanted to know why Heritage Village has been able to continue their construction because they shouldn’t be considered ‘essential’ under the governor’s order. He asked about the notification they did receive about a water line on Porter St. that will shut down traffic for weeks.

  • Mike Rinker told him to call the office. The Resident said he’s done that repeatedly but no one answers his voicemails. Mike repeated that the Resident should call the office.

Your Tax Dollars at Work

Approval to place an advertisement for seasonal help.


James Cunningham, Library Liaison, recommended everyone sign up for a Virtual Library card to take advantage of Nazareth Memorial Library’s e-books and audio-books.;detail_record_view=1


Becky Bartlett covers this meeting because citizens have a right to know what their government is doing.





2 thoughts on “The Poster Child for Bad Development – Preliminary Plan Presented

  1. I don’t understand how the title – “Poster Child for Bad Development” – relates to the content. If this is the project that was presented, what is the justification for such a judgment? All that was mentioned is that is requires a zoning variance.


    1. When the LVPC Advisory Board reviewed this project last year they voted against it unanimously and the Board Chair called it “The Poster Child for Bad Development”. Unfortunately, LVPC is just an advisory board. It’s UNT supervisors who will make the final decision.


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