UNT Polling Place has Moved from Gracedale to 911 Building

May 20, 2020 – UNT Supervisor’s Meeting

The meeting was held via a virtual format.

Public Comment

A resident from Gun Club asked about JVI’s escrow account. At times it looks as though their balance has gone below zero and that they owe the township thousands of dollars. Betty Parrish, Twp Treasurer, said that the negative balances are only in place during the when invoices are issued and they’re waiting for payment.

A resident asked if the Board of Supervisors could take legal action in the JVI Tadmoor Project before the Zoning Board meets in June. Gary Asteak said ‘yes’ the supervisors could do that. An argument broke about about Section 9.15.1 and what it actually means.


  • Robert Disbrow said residents in the western part of the township have received a mailer from the Election’s Office about the movement of the polling place from Gracedale to the hangar behind the 911 Center at 500 Gracedale Avenue. Supervisors held a discussion about making voters aware of the new location and issues with voter safety in terms of parking and accessing the facility. (590 people voted at UNT West in 2016)
    • Kristen Mullen wanted to know if Gracedale residents were going to get mail-in ballots
    • Other supervisors discussed the referendum question and if it had been printed correctly on the mail-in ballots.
  • Disbrow gave a shout out to the township’s ‘essential’ employees—Police, Fire, Public Works—who have been working through the outbreak
  • Approval to hire Michael Gall (sp?) from King Spry as Solicitor for the Zoning Hearing Board at the rate of $160/hour and paralegal services at $75/hour


  • Approval to Advertise Ordinance No. 184
    • This is a Parking Ordinance. Ordinance 178 was passed in 2018 but the section on the storage of vehicles was accidentally left out. It has been reinserted into Ordinance No. 184.
  • Approval to give Eagle’s Landing an extension till June 30,2020  to make the required improvements before UNT accepts responsibilities of the roads
  • Approval to accept a letter from JVI concerning Project Tadmoor to extend the period to act on a preliminary approval from the Planning Commission until Jun 15, 2020. (Lisa Klem reported that she has verbal promise from JVI to extend the date until July 1st if necessary)


  • Robert Disbrow asked about the township’s finances
    • Lisa Klem reported that EIT Income is currently down 2.9%. The township needs to watch its spending. Betty Parrish said that the 2nd quarter isn’t due until the end of July and she won’t have a picture of the township’s finances until August
  • Approval for Home Town Press to pubish the 2020 Fall and 2021 Spring newsletters
  • Approval of Resolution No. 20-08 which designates Betty Parrish to serve as the Designated Pension Plan Official
  • Approval of Resolution No. 20-13 – this extends the tax base period. No penalties will be leveled on township taxes through July 31, 2020


  • Disbrow attended a meeting planning for the 2020 Community Days. He pointed out that this event must have corporate sponsor-ships and that might be challenging in this economy. Several supervisors said that the township would not be able to take over sponsoring the event. The committee will meet again soon and make a decision.

Public Works

  • The supervisors accepted the resignation of an employee moving towards retirement

Emergency Management

  • Approval of Resolution No. 20-14 an update to the Emergency Operations Plan
  • PPE is being distributed as needed to township workers
  • Michael Rinker and Robert Disbrow are working on a Continuity of Operations Plan for the Township

Township Engineer

  • Approval of a Letter of Credit Reduction for Heritage Village Phase 1, Request No. 4
  • Approval of a Begin Maintenance for Dedication for Heritage Village Phase 1, No. 4
  • Approval of a Letter of Credit Reduction for Heritage Village Phase 2, No. 6


Becky Bartlett covers these meetings because citizens have a right to know what their government is doing.

One thought on “UNT Polling Place has Moved from Gracedale to 911 Building

  1. The Gracedale residents had forms to fill out for voting through the mail. They received ballots after to mail in.


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