Bridge Project may lead to road closures

June 3, 2020 UNT Supervisor’s Meeting – held online

Public Comment

A resident (me) thanked everyone who came out to vote at yesterday’s primary and expressed enthusiasm for the unofficial results showing that the referendum on funding for Nazareth Memorial Library had passed.

I also asked if the public would be allowed to attend an in-person meeting when the Supervisors vote on Project Tadmoor. Mike Rinker said they would take that vote on July 1st and they planned to let the public attend.

Supervisor’s Comments

Robert Disbrow reported that PennDot has begun a bridge restoration project near Penn Dixie Road and that the detour plan is not working well. Side roads, such as Michael School, Sterner and Penn Dixie, aren’t prepared to handle the traffic, especially from commercial vehicles. Disbrow suggested closing down Michael’s School Rd. to all but local traffic. Gary Asteak said that UNT has emergency powers that allows them to reroute traffic.

Solicitor Gary Asteak

Approval of the re-adoption of Ordinance No. 184 which addresses parking regulations. (Section 7, which deals with the storage of motor vehicles on roadways, was accidentally left out the last time this Ordinance came up for a vote)

Approval to accept a section of a road on Eagle’s Landing Drive as Eagle’s Landing development comes to the end of its maintenance period.

Planning and Zoning

Approval to accept a letter from Protect Tadmoor, requesting an extension of time. The vote which will be taken on July 1st. Supervisors pledge to make arrangements for the public to be able to attend.

Public Works is reviewing  applications for Summer help.

Mike Rinker reported that the Emergency Disaster Declaration is staying in place. Lifting it does not require a vote of approval from the Supervisors. He also said PPE is being distributed to first responders.

The Safety Committee is putting measures in place to reopen the township building.


Becky Bartlett covers these meetings because citizens have the right to know what their government is doing.

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