Supervisors Approve the “Poster Child for Bad Development”

August 5, 2020 – UNT Supervisor’s Meeting

The Lehigh Valley Planning Commission refers to Project Tadmor as the “Poster Child for Bad Development”

About this meeting – Although the Supervisors had previously promised that the vote on approval for Project Tadmor would be held in person, the township now claims that the Governor’s order prohibits more than 25 people being in a room so this meeting was held virtually. However, it was not exactly easy for the public to attend. The address to sign in was changed a couple of hours before the meeting began, the audio was, as always, awful, and comments put into the chat were no longer viewable to everyone. Lisa Klem kept saying that “Kathleen” or “Jason” was commenting but I couldn’t see anyone’s remarks except mine.  In a public meeting you get to hear what other people have to say. The township is making participation in our democracy extremely difficult. A lot went on at this meeting, but I can’t report on what I couldn’t hear.

Courtesy of the Floor

One resident sent in a statement about Project Tadmor, opposing the project because the infrastructure in the area would not support the trucking traffic, it would decrease property values, increase air pollution and, ultimately, raise taxes.

A resident called in, pointing out that taxes are sure to rise if the project is approved and that the traffic will have a negative effect on Bath and Nazareth Boroughs.

Gary Asteak said that the Citizen’s Group had submitted 79 questions and they would all be addressed later.

Mason Rinker presented his Eagle Scout Project. It had something to do with installing a pavilion behind the township building, including a picnic table and something, something. Whatever it is, the Supervisors approved it.

Township Engineer

Approval of the Heritage Village Phase 2 Letter of Credit Reduction after a discussion about a bridge that has not be completed yet.


Approval to buy a 60 inch TV with the price not to exceed $1,000.

Lisa Klem reported that the township received 6.5 inches of rain from Tropical Storm Isaias and she thanked the EMS< Police Fire and Public Works for all their help.


Approval to purchase body worn cameras for $14,490. The cost will be covered by a donation, mumble, mumble.

Approval to accept a letter of resignation from a Part-time police officer.


No rentals of pavilions, fields, etc. Nothing that might be in violation of the Governor’s orders.

Planning and Zoning

According to the Zoning Officer the project is a warehouse. It will include 2 buildings, 870,000 sq ft and 200,000 sq ft. The company will rebuild Gun Club Road with drainage and trucks will be directed to use Route 248.

Robert Disbrow pointed out that the area had received 7 inches of rain yesterday and wanted to know what the project would do to storm water runoff.

  • A guy from JVI made a statement about how he lives in Bushkill township. I have no idea how that was relevant to the conversation but most of what he said was inaudible anyway.
  • A woman from JVI claimed that water comes from offsite and that the design is for an 100 year storm with drainage ponds
  • Disbrow said most of the UNT retention ponds spilled over yesterday. A discussion about swales, storage and vegetation followed.

Kristin Mullen asked about why there were so many parking spaces for the warehouse

  • JVI said the building is being constructed on speculation and that’s why they increased the number of spaces

A resident managed to get on-line to ask a question about why the project didn’t include an exit onto Daniels Road, pointing out that 248 isn’t designed for trucks

  • Jim Bozar said the land they own that borders Daniel’s Road is too narrow

How will the township enforce trucks not going down Gun Club Road?

  • Police will be in charge of enforcement

A question about a report from NCCD revealed that the report is not complete.

  • JVI lawyer said that NCCD is an outside agency and the project is allowed to proceed

The Supervisors then took up the Citizen’s Groups questions.

  • Michael Rinker promised the meeting would be open to the public
    • Answer – the deadline expires tonight and the Board has to take the vote
  • Why hasn’t Soloe responded to repeated complaints and inquiries?
    • Gary was too hard to understand and Dooley spoke really fast –no idea what the answer was
  • What kind of traffic will the project bring?
    • 600 autos/day
    • 150 trucks/day

Gary read through a lot of the other questions quickly shouting “asked and answered” at periodic intervals


  1. Project Tadmor – Waiver Requested Saldo Sections
    1. 1 – Waiver for curbing on Daniels Road
      1. 4 to 1 (I think) Rinker voting against
    2. 1 Curbing along private streets
      1. 3 to 2 (I think) Mike and Kristin voting against
    3. 3 Something Something private streets
      1. 3 to 2 Rinker and Mullen voting against
    4. 4 Something on a private street. Maybe a sidewalk
      1. 4 to 1
    5. 785 Egress? Something about a pipeline?
      1. 5 to 0
    6. Resolution No. 20-17 Project Tadmor – 3363 Gun Club Road – Preliminary Plan Approval conditioned on NBMA requirements. LVPC letter dated 2/21/2020 KCE letter dated 3/10/2020 and the Fire Department letter dated 3/3/2020
      1. Gary claimed that anyone voting ‘no’ had to provide a justification citing the Municipal Code. I pointed out that on October 21, 2015 the Board took a vote on the Chrin warehouses and Donna Hirst voted no and wasn’t required to provide a legal justification. Gary then claimed that a justification was only required if the majority voted no. Then someone shouted “asked and answered” and the vote moved forward
        1. 3 to 2 (Disbrow, Hirst and Sylvanius voted ‘Aye’, Mullen and Rinker voted ‘Nay’)
      2. Resolution No. 20-18 Project Tadmor Minor Subdivision conditioned on KCE Letter March 10, 2020 and February 11, 2020
        1. Passed – couldn’t hear the vote
      3. Gun Club Road – PennDot HOP Application
        1. Passed – couldn’t hear the vote


Becky Bartlett covers these meetings because citizens have a right to know what their government is doing but the township is making it very difficult.





2 thoughts on “Supervisors Approve the “Poster Child for Bad Development”

  1. Mrs. Bartlett, I am appalled to read how you “reported” the Eagle Scout project which was presented this past meeting.
    Would you have given the same level of detail as to your own sons Eagle Scout project?
    “Something Something” “Whatever”


    1. I did not criticize the Eagle Project. I criticized the poor audio quality of the meeting. Public meetings should be conducted in such a way that the public can understand what’s going on.


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