UNT to form open space committees

UNT Supervisors Meeting – April 21, 2021

Supervisors and some township employees met in person at the township building. The public can only attend virtually. Unfortunately, the sound system at this meeting had an echo effect, making it hard to understand some of the discussions.

Jen Cruvekibi from Maher Duessel presented the results of the 2020 audit of the township’s financial records.

Supervisor’s Comments

Kristin Mullen suggested the Supervisors revisit sending out separate tax bills (one for the municipality and one for the Library) at a future meeting because the two bills are causing confusion.

Township Manager

Lisa Klem reported that the office’s back up copier is no longer functioning. Supervisors approved the purchase of a new HP printer for $792.

The township has received grant money from DCNR for the Open Space and Recreation Plan. Two committees will have to be formed, one to distribute the money raised by the open space tax and the other – no idea. The discussion was inaudible.  Committee positions will be posted on the website and on Facebook.

Police Department

Chief Cope said he has three vehicles which need to be decommissioned. After a discussion, the Supervisors voted to give the cars to the Fire Department so they can do trainings on vehicle rescues.

Mike Rinker said something about a mutual aid provider and the EMS department. Whatever he proposed, the supervisors approved it.

Rob Disbrow spoke about a bridge replacement PennDOT did last year in the western part of the township which involved detours near Route 248. In the confusion, the Fire and Police departments lost some cones and signs. He recommended the township reimburse them for the equipment. Betty Parish pointed out that there’s a line item in the budget for fire and police.

Becky Bartlett covers these meetings because citizens have a right to know what their government is doing.

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