Supervisors table appointments to the EAC

July 7, 2021 – UNT Supervisor’s Meeting

Mike Rinker was absent

Upcoming Events

Community Days will be held in Tuskes Park on August 27th & 28th.

Public Comment

Brian Sayago introduced himself to the Board, explaining that he is running for Supervisor and will be on the ballot on Nov. 2nd. He’s applied to serve on the Environmental Advisory Committee and was active in getting the Open Space Referendum passed. He announced that he has great respect for the area’s agricultural heritage and will work to ensure the rights of landowners. (Editor’s Note: Brian Sayago (D) will face Donna Hirst (R ) in the fall election)


Manager Lisa Klem reported that she’s received 8 letters of interest for 7 positions on the newly formed Environmental Advisory Committee. (According to the minutes from the June 16th meeting, 3 supervisors have applied: Donna Hirst, Kristin Mullen and Scott Sylvaninus). Hirst moved to table appointing members to the committee because Mike Rinker was absent. The motion was approved by a 3 to 1 vote with Mullen voting against.  (Editor’s Note: Only 4 supervisors were present at the June 16th meeting but the board still voted on approving the Project Tadmor warehouses).

Approval for the township to continue to participate in the CDBG grant program. The program distributes money from HUD.

Approval for the Fire Dept. to serve alcohol at Community Days

Approval for Tuskes Park to remain open past dusk for Community Days

Supervisors discussed Act 65 (the Sunshine Act) which now requires an agenda to be posted no later than 24 hours before a scheduled meeting.

Your Taxes at Work

Approval for Lisa Klem to attend the PSATS Centennial Celebration Dinner and Business Meeting in Hershey, PA on October 14th and 15th.

Approval to accept at $5,700 bid for the township’s old road-side mower.

Becky Bartlett covers these meetings because citizens have the right to know what their government is doing.

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