Supervisors discuss stormwater plan while Tropical Storm Ida floods roads

September 1, 2021 – UNT Supervisors meeting

Editor’s Note: Due to Tropical Storm Ida flooding the roads around my house, I attend this meeting on-line. The sound quality wasn’t very good (some people didn’t speak into the microphone) and the supervisors moved through the agenda very quickly because everyone wanted to get home before conditions got worse. Public Works director Shawn Shupe left in the middle of the meeting because of reports of flooding on Tatamy Road, Gun Club Road and Route 248.

Mike Rinker was absent. Donna Hirsh and Lisa Klem attend online.

Supervisor Comments

Kristin Mullen said the Environmental Action Committee will hold its first meeting on Monday, Sept. 20th at 6:30PM and the meeting will be open to the public.

Robert Disbrow thanked volunteers, Public Works staff and the Police Department for their work on Community Days.

There was a discussion about reducing the speed limit on Friedenstahl Avenue from 35 mph to 25 mph.


Approval of an indemnification agreement to rebuild a railroad crossing at the Tadmoor property. $50,000 will be secured from the developer and the deal will be made with Northfolk Southern. It will be a 20-plus week process. Passed 3 to 1 (no announcement as to who voted ‘no’).

Approval of an agreement with Lower Nazareth Township to put a farm that bridges both townships into an Agricultural Security Zone. (UNT doesn’t have Agricultural Security Zones, LNT does).

Your Tax Dollars at Work

Approval to amend and advertise Ordinance 186 which will address residents who let their livestock run at large. Mullen moved to add alpacas and llamas to the list. The penalty for a violation will be $1,000.

Approval to advertise for workshops and the 2022 budget and MS4 (stormwater).

Approval of two conditional part-time hirers for the Police Department.

Township Manager

Lisa Klem said outside organizations were asking to rent out the conference room. Due to the rise in COVID cases, the supervisors decided to table the motion.


The state wants to see a line item on MS4 charges added to the budget.

UNT will have 5 years to complete its Pollution Reduction Plan. Pathogen testing must be be done before June 2022.

Some kind of work will need to be conducted in Farmview next year. Approval of a basin retrofit.

Approval to address deficiencies from the PA Inspection Board.

UNT will need to pass a new stormwater ordinance in 2022.

Becky Bartlett covers these meetings because citizens have a right to know what their government is doing.

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