Residents encouraged to attend Community Days this weekend

Upper Nazareth Supervisor’s meeting – September 21, 2022


September 22-24 – Community Days at Tuskes Park

October 19th – Budget meeting at 6:00PM

October 31st – Trick-or-Treat from 6:00PM – 8:00PM

December 2nd – Tree lighting ceremony at the Township Building at 7:00PM


A resident distributed paperwork to Board members and inquired if the township had a bondsman.

Two residents from St. Elmo Street spoke about an abandoned house which has become a haven for birds and rats. The wanted to know when the building will be considered a community health problem. Lisa Klem reported that the Zoning Officer has sent a violation letter. Since the owner is reportedly in a hospital, Gary Asteak recommended it be delivered to her there, after that UNT can proceed against the property owner. Scott Sylvanius announced that he will have a meeting next week with someone from Rid-et about what steps the township can take.

I reported continuing problems with the 4th Street Gate at the Intermediate School. The NASD athletic program allows parental traffic to exit through a residential neighborhood.


The township received a complaint about an extra pole on Newburg Road. Chief Cope said he has checked it and the pole doesn’t present a safety issue for drivers.

Scott Sylvanius said he’d like the township to consider rejoining the Chamber of Commerce. An annual membership costs $575.

The Bushkill Stream Conservancy requested a donation of $250.


Approval to reduce the Letter of Credit for Heritage Village Phases 5 & 6 by $183,268.

The developer at Scenic View Estates has requested reducing the number of streetlights from 26 to 4. Gary Asteak said the developer should file an amended plan for approval by LVPC first.

The Engineer and Public Works director will meet with the Tadmor Project developer about safety concerns for winter on Gun Club Road. (Problems include issues with T-top drainage and patchy paving)


Approval for Gary to prepare an ordinance to replace and repeal the Code of Ordinances


Approval to transfer $742,626 to the Township’s Money Market account. It will be used to reimburse salaries in the police department.

Approval to apply for a $182,461 for a Monroe County Local Share Account grant.


Approval of a policy for Lisa Klem to draft a policy on social media pages for the township. (EAC is requesting permission to open a Facebook page)

Approval to make EAC aware of any applications filed with the Planning Board. Vote approved 4 to 1 with Robert Disbrow voting against.


Approval to purchase a Dodge Durango for $38,223


The Fire Chief reported that people keep parking in front of a hydrant on the corner of Mr. Vernon and 4th Street.  The hydrant has been incorporated into landscaping and doesn’t look like a working hydrant.

Becky Bartlett covers these meetings because citizens have a right to know what their government is doing.

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