The Rat Saga Continues

Upper Nazareth Supervisor’s meeting – October 19, 2022


October 24th – Curbside Leaf pickup begins and will run as long as it is needed

October 31st – Trick-or-Treat from 6:00PM – 8:00PM

  • No Police Department Party this year but the Fire Department will have trucks parked in some of the neighborhoods to distribute candy

November 2nd – Budget Workshop meeting at 6:30PM

November 16th – MS4 Workshop at 6:00PM

December 2nd – Tree lighting ceremony at the Township Building at 7:00PM

December 22nd – Employee Appreciation Lunch


Several homeowners from W. St. Elmo Street continued their long-running complaints about a house infested with rats. One resident said she’s paid almost $500 to Rid-et for rat control in her yard and, since the traps are constantly filled, expects to pay more. She also said she’s never gotten a response from the Township Secretary despite emailing her pictures and videos on several occasions.

Another resident reported that cats and raccoons are now moving into the property, that there are holes in the eaves, garbage in the driveway and weeds up to the windows.

Residents complained about not being able to entertain at their residences or let children play outside.

The Township did deliver an enforcement order to the owner but the deadline for it has passed. Scott Sylvanius hopes to be able get the owner to sign an agreement allowing the township to clean up the property.  If not, a protracted legal process will take place.

Residents asked why the township doesn’t just condemn the house.


Kristen Mullen reported a resident praising a police officer for her skill in handling an incident involving a mental health emergency.

Approval of a Police Collective Bargaining Agreement which will last through 2026

Approval for Trunk or Treat at Tuskes Park on Oct 29th for the residents of Eagles Landing


Scenic View, Heritage Village and Sycamore Park are advancing. Correction: The Farmview basin will be completed this week.


Approval for the Solicitor to amend the Police Pension Ordinance from 25 to 20 years

Approval to advertise Ordinance No. 189 which will amend the Code of Ordinances Chapter 21 Part 2—Street cuts and Excavations


Approval of Social Media Policy No. 22-10. Lisa Klem will be the administrator


Approval of Resolution No. 22-16 regarding Overlook Estates Major Subdivision

Approval to grant a time extension to Overlook Estates

CORRECTION. An engineer for Overlook Estates talked about two potential developments: one on Michaels School Road and one on the Calandra’s property. Someone mentioned building 150 apartments on the Calandra’s property although the zoning only allows for 50. The Supervisors pointed out that nothing has been officially proposed yet.

Becky Bartlett covers these meetings because citizens have a right to know what their government is doing.

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