Supervisors Discuss Drainage Problems in Farmview Estates

Upper Nazareth Supervisor’s meeting – February 15, 2023


Any resident interested in serving on the Environmental Advisory Committee (EAC) should send a Letter of Interest to the Township office

April 1st – Easter Egg Hunt in the field behind the Municipal Building

June 10th – Electronic Recycling Event from 9AM-11AM at 2 locations: the Yard Waste Facility on Friedenstahl Avenue and Tuskes Park. UNT Residents only!

June 16th – Movie Night at Tuskes Park

June 17th – Paint in the Park (Fundraising event)

August 26th – Paint in the Park (Fundraising event)

August 26th – Movie Night at Tuskes Park

September 7th, 8th & 9th – Community Days at Tuskes Park

October 28th – Movie Night at Tuskes Park

December 1st – Tree Lighting at the Municipal Building


A resident presented paperwork regarding a Conditional Acceptance to the Supervisors


Rob Disbrow expressed concern about the amount of money in the Open Space fund–~$1.7 million–since there doesn’t seem to be a plan to spend it. Bryan Sayago said the EAC is actively pursuing opportunities to purchase properties and a proposal should be presented to the Board in March


The Engineer, the head of the Public Works department and Brian Sayago met in Farmview Estates to examine the draining problems at 1st Street and Mt. Vernon, along Tatamy Road and intersections on Friedenstahl Avenue. Problems include discharge from the 55 & older apartments and that the area is flat. Some solutions mentioned included piping the water across the street into the quarry and installing a detention pond. The Supervisors approved $2,500 to collect additional survey data.

The Board had a discussion about the Rail Road Crossing at Gun Club Road. The improvements, which include widening the road, adding a pedestrian crossing and a potential future link to the Nor-Bath Trail, are needed in response to the Tadmor Warehouse project. Brian Sayago wanted to confirm that it will be the developer’s responsibility to pay for the upgrades. After they are installed, the township will assume responsibility for the maintenance.


Approval of the Investment Policy Statement for the Police Pension Plan

Approval to hire Angela Strohl as a full-time Municipal Clerk

Approval to accept Terry Sayago’s resignation letter from the Library Board. Ms. Sayago served on the Board for many years and Lisa Klem said she’d appreciated Ms. Sayago’s excellent reports. A Letter of Interest for the position has already been received and an announcement for other volunteers will be posted on the website.


Approval of Resolution No. 23-06-Heritage Village Phases 5 & 6 Lot Consolidation Plan and Amended Land Development Plan.


Pathogen testing is being conducted along Route 191. Public Works has cleaned out vegetation and debris at the Fieldview and Tewksbury basins. These basins are now over 20 years old and need a maintenance plan. A 105 package for buffer restoration is being put in place for Sycamore and Public Works is looking to finish improvements at the Farmview basin.

The Engineer requested approval for him to draft a new Stormwater Ordinance but the solicitor pointed out that other municipalities have adopted the DEP model. The Board requested the Engineer provide them with an estimate for the cost of developing the ordinance.


The Board approved George Kowalczyk’s appointment to the EAC. Another vacancy is available. Interested volunteers should send a Letter of Interest to the Township Office.  

Approval for $1,160 + 10% to send 2,300 postcards to UNT residents about the EAC


Approval to pay for Sgt. Herman to take a College Writing Couse. (Tuition costs for Police Officers are covered under the collective bargaining agreement)

Becky Bartlett covers these meetings because citizens have a right to know what their government is doing.

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