August 5, 2015 – Township Meeting

                    Upper Nazareth Township Supervisor’s Meeting

                                                August 5, 2015


Abandoned building on the corner of Shoeneck Ave and Route 191

  • Concerns about this building were expressed at the July 1st meeting by several residents. Supervisors promised to contact the owner
    • The supervisors had no update on this property except to say that the building is not condemned and is currently for sale
    • No one on the board is planning to contact the owner despite reports of the structure being infested with rats, birds, and cats

Young Lungs at Play signs to be distributed around the township

  • Supervisors want to do a media event on this, perhaps on Community Day (9/5)

Weeds on Silvercrest Ave

  • Only one of the pins designating the property lines has been located. A boundary survey would be required to establish ownership of the area in question (estimated cost $1,700 – $2,200)
    • The landowners say they have let the weeds grow to discourage people in the park from trespassing onto their property
    • This issue is proceeding through the legal system

Weeds at 71 N. Broad

  • The owner (Bank of America) has made arrangements to cut the weeds and will do so on a routine basis


Community day at Tuskes’ Park on September 5th (10 AM – 10 PM)

  • Activities will include food vendors, amusement rides for the kids, a beer truck and Fireworks
  • Lo and Behold will provide live music from 6 – 9 PM

A new township Manager was voted into office – Edward M. Mentry, Jr.

The township fall newsletter is being put together.

  • It will feature information on recycling policies
  • If you want to submit an article, please contact Kim Muterelli before the end of August


Light at Friedenstahl Ave and Route 191

  • The township is waiting for a HOP order from PennDOT to come through before construction can begin
  • The township may starting doing some prep work on Friedenstahl Road and Shoeneck Avenue soon

Storm pipe replacement on Shoeneck Avenue

  • The pipes and storm drains have been replaced. The cracks in the road still have to be sealed.

Eagles Landing Phase 3A

  • The engineer received Tuskes’s plan for connecting phase 3A to another phase
    • The engineer recommended against approving that submitted plan


Mulching in Parks/Playgrounds

  • Wood mulch in 4 local parks (including Tuskes & Newport Ave) is to be replaced with rubber mulch
  • Bids have been received with George Elliot’s Associates coming in with the lowest cost ~$174,600 for excavation and prep work
  • All work must be completed by October 2nd

Steel Plates to be used during road construction

  • Approval of $4,160 from the General fund to pay for 2 steel plates to cover open roads during construction

Crack sealing Program for local roads

  • 22 roads are slated to have cracks sealed repaired by the end of the year
    • The base repair of Gun Club Road is 95% finished
  • Due to an accounting error, not enough money was allocated into the road repair fund (according to Supervisor Ytkin)
    • Approval of $40,000-$50,000 to be taken from the Restricted Money fund to finish the project

Community Day – September 5th at Tuskes’ Park

  • Approval of $573 for 2 ads to run in The Key
  • Approval of $400 to pay band, Lo and Behold for live music

Becky Bartlett is a candidate for Upper Nazareth Supervisor.  The election will be held on November 3, 2015

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