Nazareth School Board Wastes Undisclosed Amount of Tax Dollars

  Special School Board Meeting

                                                                                                October 8, 2015

“Education is the most powerful tool you can use to change the world.” Nelson Mandela

In a  colossal waste of our tax dollars (no one knows how much because the district refuses to say), the Nazareth School Board voted 9 to 0 to reject the Fact Finder’s Report on the agreement with the teacher’s union.

Board members refused to say why they were rejecting the report they themselves had insisted upon, claiming they could be sanctioned by the PLRB.

19 people spoke out in favor of accepting the Fact Finder’s Report. Notable points centered on how much disrespect the teachers had felt from the administration during the bargaining process and how hard it had been to drag the superintendent and his staff into meetings.

In the ultimate smack down, one high school student pointed out that the school board has been less productive than the previous session of congress.

During Community Corner, an audience member asked how the students would be affected in terms of free and reduced lunch and district child care if the teachers strike. Superintendent Riker said that there would be no free or reduced lunch and he didn’t know how child care would be affected.

Becky Bartlett is a candidate for Upper Nazareth Supervisor.  The election is on November 3rd.

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