Many thanks to my voters – all 352 of them

For a campaign waged with very little money, I’m thrilled about getting 45% of the vote.  Thanks to all the supporters and volunteers who engaged their neighbors about the local issues, then brought those people to the polls.  

I plan to keep attending meetings and blogging about what goes on there. Once I committed to running for office, I realized that the media rarely attends and even more rarely reports on local government. Someday there will be a traffic light at Friedenstahl Avenue and Route 191.  I pledge to keep everybody posted on the progress, or the lack of progress. Hopefully the former.  There’s a Supervisor’s meeting tonight at 7:00 — I’ll be there with my pencil sharpened.

Congratulations to Donna Hirst for winning a 6 year term as Supervisor. I wish her the best.


Becky Bartlett (No longer a candidate for office, but still an active citizen determined to keep you informed) 

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