Preliminary Budget Announced for NASD – Dec. 14, 2015


District’s agreement with the Teacher’s Union

At the end of the meeting, Superintendent Riker said an agreement in principal had been announced on Oct. 16th.

  • Since that date there have been 4 meetings with the teacher’s union.
  • The union had until 6:00 PM tonight (12/14) to respond to the district’s final offer
    • No formal response was received by the deadline
  • Riker will send out a document soon to the public explaining the situation

Vice President Linda McDonald resigns

Long term board member, Linda McDonald announced that she would resign effective Dec. 31st as she will be moving to Massachusetts.

Teachers Presented with National Board Certification

Laura Sabol (Music Teacher at the Middle School) and Jonathan Lock (Math and Science at the Middle School) were recognized by the board

Preliminary Budget for 2015-2016 Presented by Dr. Riker

Budget prediction 2015-2016

  • $76,872,222
  • As of 2016-2107 expenditures, an increase of 7.7% or $5.9 million is expected
  • Increases are projected in Salaries/Benefits, Charter School Costs, Assistant to the Superintendent, and Technology

Because of the budget crisis in Harrisburg, all projections are subject to change

Millage increase history

  • Average county increase was 1.1%, last year Nazareth’s increase was 0.75%
  • Index cap was 1.9% for last year and the tax increase was 1.49%
  • Equalized millage for NASD in 2013-2014 was the lowest in Northampton county


Cost/Enrollment (2013-2014)

  • Nazareth is the lowest in the county, 32 cents below Pen Argyl’s
  • Enrollment trends are stable with 4,600 – 4,700 students


Becky Bartlett is an Upper Nazareth resident and covers School Board and Township Supervisor meetings.





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