Supervisors Approve Budget – 12/16/15

Supervisors attending: Donna Hirst, Mike Rinker, Steve Ytkin, Scott Sylvainus & William Austin

Community Concerns

A request that the record reflect the fact that the township no longer provides an Active Projects list to residents under any circumstances despite their vow to do so at the October 21st meeting.

A resident asked about the raise township employees will get in the new budget. (Answer – 5%) A complaint was expressed because Social Security recipients and people on Disability will not get any increase in their benefits next year.

Public Works

The Proposed Traffic Light at Friedenstal Avenue and Route 191

  • Mr. Ytkin corrected an item in the Dec. 2nd minutes—the township did not receive a HOP yet for the traffic light, only an approval of the tech specs.

Keystone Engineering will continue to serve the township in 2016.

2016 Budget

A request from the library to increase the $82,950 line item to $88,574–a 12.12% increase.

  • Terry Sayago pointed out that 4 municipalities pay into the library and that Upper Nazareth uses more library materials than the other 3. The motion to approve the increase was approved on a 4 to 1 vote.

Mr. Sylvainus pointed out that this budget does not require an increase in taxes, but $750,000 had to be taken from reserve funds. As revenue is not covering expenses, taxes will probably have to be raised next year.

  • Resolution 15-14 sets the millage as 5.95—the same as last year

With the change to the library line item, the board approved:

  • The General budget
  • The Liquid Fuels budget
  • The recreation budget

Your Tax Dollars at Work

  • An approval to pay for the Township Engineer to create an official map which will include streets, zoning, flood plains and open space. Estimated cost is to be less than $1,000.
  • An approval for an advertisement about upcoming meetings
  • An approval for $895 to makeover the website so it will be viewable on mobile devices.
  • An approval for fencing for the yard waste site.

Upcoming Events

Community Day will be held on Saturday, September 3, 2016. Will Austin will serve as Director.


Becky Bartlett is a resident of Upper Nazareth. She covers these meetings because the public has the right to be informed on what their government is doing.


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