Acting Chief of Police Appointed in Upper Nazareth

Upper Nazareth Township Special Meeting – March 10, 2016


Chief of Police, Alan Siegfried, was injured a week ago in a car accident that did not involve foul play.  No other details were made available.

William (Bill) Cope has been appointed as Acting Police Chief until Siegfried recovers. Sergeant Herman will serve as the next in chain of command.

The public should be aware that no local new outlets covered this story. According to the supervisors, the notice for this Special Meeting was advertised in the Express Times, but no mention of it was made on the township website or their Facebook page. Failure to keep the website updated has been the subject of several citizen complaints during the regularly scheduled meetings.

The only resident in attendance was me and that’s because I heard about it through the gossip chain.  

Any questions about Alan Siegfried’s accident should be directed to Supervisor Mike Rinker.


Becky Bartlett is a resident of Upper Nazareth Township. She covers these meetings because the public has a right to be informed about their government’s actions no matter how many roadblocks local officials erect.


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