PennEast Pipeline Already Costing Taxpayers Money

Upper Nazareth Supervisor’s Meeting – March 2, 2016

Construction News

The Zoning Officer brought up issues concerning the installation of the PennEast Pipeline. (Dates and approval have not yet been announced). Heavy trucks and flatbeds are sure to cause dramatic damage to the township’s infrastructure.

  • Six miles of township roads could be affected and the pipeline people only have to repair the roads to their previous state. One resident pointed out that the pipeline companies have a terrible record of living up to their end of the bargain.
    • Affected roads: Gun Club Road, Penn Allen, Penn Dixie, Blossom Hill and others.
    • The pipeline company will have a 100 foot right of way for their construction path
  • The supervisors asked Keystone Engineering to look into making a record of the state of the roads as they are now with the understanding that the township could face big bills for road repair in the future due to this project.
    • Estimated cost – $1,500.

A new asphalt mixing business will be going in on Tatamy Road next to the current asphalt company.

  • Representatives from the Planning Commission pointed out that this proposal has not been submitted yet for their review
    • The Planning Commission meeting was moved to the end of this week

Community Announcements & Events

Binders of reports (Sewer, Fire, Police, Library, etc) will now be available at the township building for public inspection.

April 16th: There will be an E-cycling event from 9 AM – Noon at the Intermediate school.  There will be a charge for monitors.

April 16th: Yard Waste Recycling facility on Friedenstahl Avenue opens

May 21st: Household Hazardous Waste Event at NCC

August 27th: Community Day at Tuskes Park

Your Tax Dollars at Work

Supervisors approved a 5% salary increase (~$3,500) for the township manager, E.J. Mentry. (This increase was part of his contract)

Supervisors approved the price of two trailers: $6,592 for a landscape trailer and $5,900 for an EMS trailer.

Supervisors approved $541.20 to advertise street sweeping and curbside waste pickup.

Supervisors approved $136.05 (advertising and payment to the county) for the E-cycling event on April 16th.


Becky Bartlett is a resident of Upper Nazareth Township. She covers these meetings because the public has a right to be informed about their government’s actions.


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