Forcast for Summer–Traffic Hell

Upper Nazareth Supervisor’s Meeting – June 15, 2016

Construction Updates – Get Ready for Traffic Hell

Construction on the traffic light at Friedenstahl Ave and Route 191 is scheduled to start on Monday (June 20th). Traffic will be detoured through Mitchell Avenue and up El Reno. Construction will be round-the-clock between Mondays and Thursdays.

It was announced, for the first time, that Palmer will close down Tatamy Road to do work around the Chrin Warehouses starting Tuesday, June 21st. All east bound traffic will be routed through Nazareth Boro. Supervisor Hirst pointed out that this news has not been announced to residents in Farmview Estates even though they will be the most affected.

Van Buren will open on Monday (6/20) and the blockade on Tatamy Road will go up on Tuesday (6/21).

Correction: During the meeting, the supervisors implied that Palmer township was responsible for not informing the residents most affected by work on Tatamy Road. When I contacted the Palmer township office, I found out the project is under PennDOT’s direction that PennDOT had informed Upper Nazareth about their plans. It was Upper Nazareth’s responsibility to inform residents about the traffic changes which they did not do.

It is hoped that both the traffic light and the Tatamy Road construction will be completed before school begins.

Community Updates

A consultant from Kay Builders came to talk about a residential project (including a water pump station) north of City View Drive. Thirteen units will lie in Upper Nazareth township, the others will be in Bushkill.

  • The township attorney pointed out that the plans do not comply with local ordinances and that Kay Builders appears to be sticking the township with the costs for drainage of the proposed roads.
  • At another point in the meeting, the supervisors voted to give the Scenic View Estates a 180 day extension in coordination with Bushkill township though they had requested 2 years.

Dana Marvin, who has worked as a part-time police officer, will move to being a full-time employee as of July 3rd.

Your Tax Dollars at Work

A change order to the Friedenstahl Avenue traffic light project for $4,390. Passed

The purchase of a bond worth $980,000 (required by PennDOT) for the traffic light project, for a cost of $6,500. Passed

A return of a $50 rental fee for a pavilion to the Clipper team. Passed.

An increase in $1,035 for payment to Metz Amusements for the corporation to provide their own employees for the kiddie rides available on Community Days. This means the township will no longer have to cover the insurance costs associated with the rides. Passed.

The township has received a $7,000, 50% match, grant for a Green Light Go project. The township will have to commit matching funds for this project. It will be voted on at the next meeting.



Becky Bartlett is an Upper Nazareth resident and covers these meetings because residents have a right to be informed about what their government is doing. 


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