Changes in Trash Collection Proposed

Informational Township Meeting – September 14, 2016

Topic: Moving from multiple haulers to a single hauler

Cindy Oatis spoke about recycling in Upper Nazareth. Currently there are 30 different haulers picking up trash in our township, which seems excessive. Under Act 101, the township has to collect data on recycling and trash disposal.

Material provided on the issue of changing from a Subscriber system to a Single Hauler, indicates that the Single Hauler system would be superior  in promoting enforcement of codes, easier control of noise violations, better ability to respond to truck spills and leaks, it would incentivize recycling and improve priority status for PA 101 902 grant funding.

Under cosmetic considerations, a single hauler would diminish the unsightly appearance of trash at the curb every day of the week. It would also save on the roads since as it would reduce truck traffic.

Under financial considerations, a single hauler would reduce taxes since the township would be eligible for a $250,000 grant every other year.

Other considerations, a single-hauler system would require every resident to have their garbage picked up. Right now some residents don’t have a hauler and are depositing their trash in places where they shouldn’t.  It would also ensure that everyone was participating in the recycling program.

Moving away from a Subscriber system means customers would lose the opportunity to choose their own hauler.


The next meeting about recycling will take place on October 20th at 7:00 PM.


Many thanks to Joanne Messehlenger for covering this meeting


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