Supervisor Position Open

Upper Nazareth Supervisor’s Meeting – September 21, 2016

Community Concerns

A resident requested that, when the township fixes North Broad Street extension, please do not make the same mistake they made on Liberty Street.  The road had been paved, and then the water and sewer companies dug everything up and left a mess.

  • Shawn Shupe noted that they have made it standard practice to check with everyone before completing any road work.

The Community Day event in August earned a $5,418 profit.  $200 was donated to Nazareth Ambulance who were there all day in case someone got hurt.  

Open Supervisor Position

Steve Ytkin formally resigned as supervisor and his position must be filled within 30 days. An advertisement has run in The Key.

  • Applications must be received by October 12th, and all applicants must have been a resident for at least one year. The supervisors will interview and hire a replacement at the October 19th meeting. Term is for 1 year, with election in 2017, then a 2 year term

Construction Updates

The light at Friednestahl and Route 191 has been completed.

  • The supervisors approved a change order submitted by Contractor Schlouch for $400,170.37.
  • Supervisor Donna Hirst questioned why project ran over the budgeted amount, and stated that the contractor should be fined, as per contract, $1,500/day for being 32 days late.  A squabble broke out over total cost of light, Donna abstained from the vote.
  • EDITOR’S COMMENTS: Steve mansplained to Donna about how hard it is to find a contractor to work for a township on a light like Friedenstahl, and that we shouldn’t burn bridges with contractor, he worked well with Steve, yada yada yada, Verizon strike (damn unions) – offer to settle with them by fining them less than $1,500/day, maybe settle for $22,000.  Motion passed to offer a settlement on delay.

Township manager Ed Mentry, requested a motion to produce a supplemental component of grant for Roadwork.  He is still waiting to hear from Nazareth Borough as to whether they will partner with us for construction.  Motion passed

A truck has been donated to the fire company, the supervisors voted to accept it. It is a 6 wheel drive truck, heavy duty, and can be used in snow or other inclement weather or emergencies.  Fire Company pays insurance, township reimburses.  

Your Tax Dollars at Work

Approval of $3,789.46 for a PennDOT inspection of the new traffic light.

Township solicitor – township is going to continue to pay for the Library, and so is Nazareth Borough

Approval of the MMO for Police Pension – most of money is covered by state aid.

Approval of the MMO for non-uniformed pension.

Approval to hold the 10th annual pumpkin pie run on 11/24, will need police for about ¼ mile section of run that falls into Upper Nazareth.

Northampton County Council passed open space dollars to the township in the amount of $75-76,000.  Covers mulch and other necessities for township parks.

Approval to keep Allen Siegfried on paid status until medical assessment as to whether he will be fit to return to work.

Upcoming Events

There will be a Halloween Party on October 31st at the Township building starting at 5:00.  

Touch-a-Truck will be held at Tuske’s Park on October 1st. Please support our local library.



Many thanks to Jeanie Morgano for covering this meeting. Residents have a right to know what their government is doing.


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