Leaf Collection Ends Soon

Upper Nazareth Supervisor’s Meeting – December 7, 2016

Community Concerns

December 12 – December 16th is the last week for leaf pick up. Christmas tree collection will begin in January and the schedule will be posted on the township website.

A resident expressed concern about the deficit in the budget. The Town Manager explained that there may have to be an increased in taxes for 2018 but the shortfall will be okay for 2017.

There was a hit-and-run on a township dump truck. The incident happened while township employees were mowing.

Approval of the Budget

In regards to the 2017 General Funds budget there is a projected increase in real estate to $997,000 or $998,000, over the estimated $990,000. Some assessments have also gone up and there is an increase of $45,000 in earned income tax.

  • This year’s surplus was about $200,000 and is enough to fill in the gap and add to the reserve 5-year fund

The supervisors are scheduling a budget workshop to go over projections.

The Liquid Fuel Budget passed.

Construction Updates

Red Cliff Development received a reduction of maintenance security to $14,869 dollars for phase 1 – phase 2.

Eagle’s Landing received a phase 3 credit reduction and transferred the remainder to security, reducing $75,000.

Heritage Village revised their plan which has been reviewed by Keystone. The board approved waivers regarding driveway distance requirements after the majority of concerns were addressed.

  • Unity Drive is connected to the phase but the developer says it is not going to be built yet. The township solicitor requested this statement be put in writing.


Many thanks to Jeanie Morgano for covering this meeting. Citizens have a right to be informed about what their government is doing.


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