School District proposes a 4.55% increase for 2017-2018 budget

Nazareth Area School Board – February 13, 2017


The house built by CIT students has sold for $271,000.  Seven CIT students won awards at the Skills Competition held this month.


Superintendent Dennis Riker presented a preliminary adoption of the 2017-2018 budget.

  • Statistical Overview
    • Nazareth pays $15,766/student which is close to the average in Pennsylvania – $15,855/student
    • Enrollment in the district, as of January, was 4,696 students
    • 85% of the money raised by the school district comes from property tax, 15% from other taxes.
    • Nazareth SD, at 18.7%, has the lowest school tax in Northampton County
  • Expenditures – $84,907,216 a 4.55% increase
    • Salaries – $1,467,396 – a 4.29% increase (4 teachers have been added since last year)
    • Benefits – $24,822,535 – a 6.77% increase
    • Building Budgets – $753,781 – a 0.00% increase
    • Department Budgets – $11,488,210 – a 0.18% decrease
    • Charter Schools – $1,586,434 – a 13.32% increase
  • Revenues – $83,169,530 – a 2.41% increase from last year

Currently, in the budget process, there’s a deficit of $1,737,685 with the district coming up short $436,355. The board currently has scheduled final adoption of the budget on April 24th. A couple of board members expressed concern about Gov. Wolf’s budget, which includes a $50 million cut in transportation funding and expressed concern about the process going sour as it did last year. Mr. Vasco and Dr. Stubits voted against the adoption of the preliminary budget.

Agenda Items

Items V, VII, & IX passed. 


Becky Bartlett is an Upper Nazareth resident and covers these meetings because residents have a right to be informed about what their government is doing. 


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