Residents Request a Climate Action Plan from Township Supervisors

Upper Nazareth Supervisor’s Meeting – February 15, 2917

Community Concerns

A resident wanted to know when the township will recoup the cost from the Nazareth School District for the installation of the traffic light at Friedenstahl Ave and Route 191. The township manager, E.J. Mentry, said a final reimbursement request from various grants is currently taking place. When that is completed, the township with do a final accounting with the school district.

Two residents requested that the township formulate a Climate Action Plan, as Bethlehem Council has done. Concerns were expressed about increased truck traffic in the area, garbage being shipped in from New York and New Jersey, and local land being targeted for sludge application. Residents requested a plan to promote sustainability and perhaps to plant more trees.

Your Tax Dollars at Work

Approval of an increase of the salary of township manager to $86,463/year.

Approval of an amendment to the handbook. New employees will be paid 75% of the top rate for the probationary period. The salary will bump to 80% after that has passed.

Approval to move the Asset Replacement Account from Wells Fargo to Embassy Bank to take advantage of a higher interest rate.

Approval to run an ad in The Key for summer help. The job will pay $9/hour for new timers, $10/hour for returning employees.

Approval to send two employees from the Road Crew to the PSATS Conference at a cost of $65/person.

Approval of payment for an ENRADD Machine to measure car speed on roadways. The cost was included in the budget.

Approval of $1430 to send the Police Chief and a Sergeant to a 5 day conference on Leadership & Command Training.



Resident Becky Bartlett covers these meetings because citizens have a right to be informed about the actions of their government

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