Supervisors Continue to Stall on Garbage Hauler Issue

Upper Nazareth Supervisors – April 19, 2017

EDITOR’S NOTE: The Supervisors did not introduce the topic of moving the township to a single trash hauler despite two public meetings on the topic last fall, a presentation at the April 5th meeting, and a unanimous approval from the Recycling Board. This indecisiveness and lack of action is what gives governments a bad name.

Community Concerns

A resident complained about the pot holes at the intersection of Hopewell and 191. He says the road gets patched every year but there’s no drainage.  He pointed out that Longview and Deerfield are riddled with pot holes as well.

Upcoming Events

The yard waste site on Friedenstahl Avenue opens on April 22nd.

The Library will be holding a youth event with zoo animals at Tuske’s Park on June 19th.

Community Day will be held on August 25-26 with fireworks on the Saturday


There was a presentation of an audit of the 2016 records of the township. Tracy Rash is the new auditor.

Construction Updates

Street sweeping has been completed.

In response to a communication about a Phase III letter of credit, the township manager, EJ Mentry said that there were items that needed to be addressed by Tuskes including streetlight locations and a light put in an illegal area. The approval for the developer’s request was denied.

The supervisors approved letting EJ Mentry vote for the township on legislation at the PSAT conference meeting.

Your Tax Dollars at Work

An approval to advertise the audit in the newspaper.

Many thanks to Jeanie Morgano for covering this meeting. Citizens have the right to know what their government is doing.

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