School Board Debates the Payoff from Investments in New Computers

Nazareth School Board General Meeting – May 15,2017

Student Achievement

Thomas Bostian was recognized for placing second in Electronic’s Technology at the Skills USA State Competition

Grace Graves was recognized for winning the Artistic Discovery Congressional Art Award. Her art project will be displayed at the U.S. Capitol for a year.

Breanna Dech was recognized for starting a ceramics class with some of the residents at Moravian Hall square.

The Wrestling team was recognized for their 20 to 1 record and winning the State Championship. Travis Stefanik and Sammy Sasso were recognized as Individual State Championship.

Agenda Items

Items VI, VIII, & X passed. 

Board Member, Linda Stubits objected to items VI A & B, explaining she thought a large financial investment in three different computer systems was not a good idea considering current issues with global security. The district has not increased money for cyber security or training for teachers to effectively implement the new technology into the curriculum. She accused the board of gambling with taxpayer dollars without having a plan for an educational payoff.

Stubits also voted against the $163,914 price tag for a digital scoreboard/display (X E) board for the all-purpose field at the High School.


Becky Bartlett is an Upper Nazareth resident and covers these meetings because residents have a right to be informed about what their government is doing. 

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