Rumors about a proposed prison continue in Upper Nazareth

Upper Nazareth Supervisors – October 4, 2017

Community Concerns

A resident wanted to know why Upper Nazareth is using its resources to help Bath.

  • The supervisors said it is common for communities to help each and the exchange of services usually evens out. The Nazareth Area Council of Government was formed to allow townships to assist each other.

A resident expressed concern about school children crossing Friedenstahl Ave. Many motorists speed and don’t halt for children in the crosswalks.

  • Police have stepped up their patrols and are writing tickets. The township plans to do more on this issue

In response to a question about the land around Gracedale being used for a prison, and the petition currently headed to the Northampton County Counsel, the township attorney pointed out that no one has applied to the township for a permit. There’s been no application for a zoning change and that all of the supervisors have said they are against building a prison here. Currently that land is zoned for government service, not a prison. A resident requested that the supervisors attend the County Council meeting but was informed that local representatives aren’t allowed to attend for official business.

An Eagle’s Landing resident complained about the lack of stop signs at some intersections in the development. He wanted to know that, if he could get signatures on a petition, would the township install them.

  • The engineer said that traffic control involves federal legislation and that any traffic control device must have certain traffic conditions to make it permissible. The only way to get around it is a record of accidents over 3 years.

Township Business

Donna Hirsh wants to move forward with the vote on moving the township to a single hauler. There will be a survey taken this Saturday at the Touch-a-Truck event at Tuske’s Park.  In the past, the public overwhelmingly approved moving to a single hauler but the supervisors have not made their stances on the issue known.

  • The supervisors are scheduled to take a vote on this issue in November, AFTER the election. (That political cowardice thing again)

Your Tax Dollars at Work

On a proposal to put in drainage pipes, the bids range from $21,568 to $25,000.

The oil and chip road project in East Lawn Gardens was completed. The contractor added an additional seal for a smoother ride.  (Editor’s Note: This bicyclist disagrees with that claim. The roads in that neighborhood are terrible.)  The supervisors may not oil and chip in densely residential neighborhoods in the future.

The police billed $50,574.50 in overtime. The issue stems from having so many part-time workers. After much discussion, the supervisors voted to hire another full-timer.


Many thanks to Jeanie Morgano for covering this meeting. Residents have the right to know what their government is doing.

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