Property Damage in Farmview Estates on Mischief Night

Upper Nazareth Supervisor’s Meeting – November 1, 2017

Upcoming Events

Election day is Tuesday, November 7th. Residents of Upper Nazareth East vote at the Township Building on Newport Avenue.

The Supervisor Meeting on November 15th should include a vote on moving the township to a single-hauler.

Community Concerns

A resident thanked the supervisors for the emergency management notice in the newsletter and suggested they put a form in the next issue for seniors to submit. Someone will check the other municipalities for forms.

Scott Sylvanius asked about some property damage that occurred in Farmview Estates on Halloween. Several residents found ketchup or salsa in their mailboxes and at least one person had glue dribbled onto her car. Chief of Police Bill Cope stated that they are investigating.

Your Tax Dollars at Work

The supervisors approved the cost of an advertisement for the 2018 General Fund and Liquid Fuels Budget, saying that it is possible there will be no tax increase for next year.


Many thanks to Joanne Messenlehner for attending this meeting. Residents have the right to know what their government is doing.


One thought on “Property Damage in Farmview Estates on Mischief Night

  1. Was there a vote on the single trash hauler and what were the results? We were informed via phone call the same day of the meeting- I came home late that evening and was unable to attend to hear how my neighbors feel or express my own opinion. I understand there was a survey at a Touch a truck event- would it be possible to survey more of the residents before a vote would be taken? I also understand how the township becomes eligible for more grant opportunities when a single hauler is chosen- that is a benefit to choosing a single hauler- I would like to know more. I also understand some trash companies are competively priced. I’m Curious about input from residents who attended the meeting….thank you to those who were able to attend


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