Parents Report on Efforts to Move Polling Place out of Butz Elementary

Nazareth Area School District – January 29, 2018

Student Recognition

High School senior Katie Dawe was one of eight winners of The Banana Factory’s Art Pop Billboard Contest. Katie’s winning entry will be featured on a billboard on Route 22East.

Community Concern

Two parents spoke to the board about their efforts to get the polling place at Kenneth Butz Elementary moved or to have the school closed on days of elections.  Crystal and Paul reported that, in response to their lobbying, Representative Marcia Hahn and State Senator Mario Scavello will be introducing legislation to move polling places out of schools if other sites are available. They also met with County Executive Lamont McClure and plan on presenting their case to the Election Board.

They asked Superintendent Riker what he would do for the primary election in May. He said he was looking at ‘alternative’ plans for the day but didn’t define them. Asked if he would close Butz Elementary for the day, he said he wouldn’t because that would undermine the efforts of the activists. Closing would require the application for a PDE waiver and a possible addendum to the teacher’s contract.

Board member Linda Stubitz said she’d like to see a professional development day held during elections and thanked Crystal and Paul for all their work.

Northampton Community College Presentation

Dr. Mark Erickson did a presentation on NCC for the board, requesting a total of $17,401 for next year, a 2.81% increase over last year.


Item V D of the Agenda featured the 2018-2019 preliminary budget in the amount of $88,667,490, a 4.57% increase. Linda Stubitz expressed concerns about the budget, arguing that more resources are needed for elementary school students, that the current curriculum is tight and doesn’t allow for teacher freedom and that no one knows which kinds of technology actually produce positive results. The item ultimately passed but with Stubitz, Glardos and Mammana voting against.

Agenda Items

Items IV, V, VI and VII passed. Links to the meeting agenda and minutes can be found here:


Becky Bartlett covers these meetings because residents have a right to know what their government is doing.

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